Liv Morgan is challenging Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Title on the December 6th, 2021 episode of Monday Night Raw. The build to it has been very entertaining.  Becky is finally starting to flex her bad guy muscles and WWE seems finally ready to pull the trigger on Liv Morgan after years of stops and starts. 

But there’s an added significance about tonight, and it features another redhead and blonde facing off in the main event. That’s because on this night 17 years ago Lita faced off against Trish Stratus in the main event. A historic first for women in WWE.


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Trish made note of the anniversary and sent Liv encouragement. 


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Another Historical Main Event?

17 years go, Trish Stratus and Lita made history as the first women to main event Raw. While fortunately nowadays women’s main eventing is as common an occurrence as ever, at the time this was a monumental feat. 


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Trish and Lita’s influence on modern WWE can’t be overstated. Both became the archetypes of what successful female wrestlers were going to be in the future.

In an era of pillow fights and bra and panties matches, Lita and Trish proved that two women could go out there and tear the house down with an incredible wrestling match. Up to that point in American wrestling, women were little more than sex objects. The two of them changed the game for good.

Trish and Lita only got 7 minutes, which was a lifetime back then. Here’s hoping Liv and Becky can get a few more minutes. 

Watch the full match here.

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Can Liv Morgan Be Champion?

I don’t foresee Becky Lynch losing tonight, but I do feel like if there was a chance, it would be with Liv to pull off a massive upset. Liv Morgan has developed a massive following and has the charisma and mic skills to make it to the top.

Though she might be better as a “chasing” contender who never quite gets there. I think and hope WWE sees her as someone who can be a champion and hold the title. Frankly, the title picture needs some fresh blood. Even if she is only champion for a few weeks, it would be a nice break from what feels like a cycle of Sasha, Becky, and Charlotte. Liv has been on the cusp for a long time, and I think could be a great champion. But I guess we will see. Tune in!

What do you think? Could Liv Morgan win tonight? Let us know in the comments below.