NXT Heavy Harland Makes His Debut — Here’s How It Went

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Giant, tattooed monster Harland made his long-awaited in-ring debut on this week’s episode of NXT. Harland faced off against Guru Raja and immediately smashed threw Raja into the earth. 

Harland began bashing Raja’s head into the mat. 

Following forearm smashes, Harland pulled up Raja by the hair before Raja got in a bit of offense. But that was all she wrote before Harland picked up the jobber and pummeled him into the ground. 

Harland showed no emotion and was barely breathing. 

Following the match, his manager Joe Gacy asked Harland if he felt better. Harland shook his head no before returning to smash Raj’s head into the ground, stopping only when six refs entered the ring to stop him. Eventually, Gacy led him to the back. 

Following a commercial break, Harland was seen exiting the arena before he threw a member of the NXT coach THE Brian Kenderick down the stairs. 

Reaction to Harland

NXT fans reacted to Harland’s debut on Twitter and the reaction was mixed. 

Eventual Dream Match?

Who is Harland?

Harland (real name Parker Bourdeaux) is a former college football star who signed with NXT after a concerted social media campaign. Harland has already entertained comparisons in size and strength to Brock Lesnar and while he is certainly that big, it remains to be seen if he can live up to The Beast’s incomparable physicality. 

Harland is certainly being built up to be a big star but obviously, he is green and needs some more polishing. But hey, that’s what NXT is for. 

Other NXT 2.0 Thoughts

Here are a few other thoughts on the December 14th episode. 

    • Grayson Waller cut a great promo, being booed by the entire crowd before calling out both Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph. He was also yelled at backstage by several women’s wrestlers, including Io Shirai 
    • Toxic Attraction distracted and beat up Cora Jade, who seems primed for a title run sooner rather than later. Mandy is playing a great heel using her sex appeal as a way to be evil
    • I really like Andre Chase’s gimmick
    • Dakota Kai seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I’m curious where they go with her and if her character evolves 

What did you think of NXT? Let us know in the comments below.

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