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Doudrop is one of the hottest new members of the WWE roster. Starting as the “heavy” for Eva Marie, Doudrop is now coming into her own with a fun feud vs. Bianca Belair. Let’s learn more about the Megaton Doll. 

Her Real Name Is Kimberly Benson

She is 30 and was born and raised in Ayrshire, Scotland. If her accent didn’t give her away, she is a proud Scot. She began training for wrestling in 2007. Doudrop is a life-long wrestling fan who used to hide their wrestling fandom from friends and family like a lot of us. 

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Her Independent Name Was Viper

On the independent circuit, she wrestled under Viper and developed a name as one of the UK’s top female stars. I saw her wrestler a few times and even own an old-school Viper t-shirt.  She began wrestling in Scotland and the UK before branching out to Europe and eventually Japan and the United States.

Doudrop Wrestled in Japan

Under her name Viper, Doudrop wrestled in the Stardom Joshi wrestling promotion.

While wrestling in Stardom, she won the six-woman “Artist of Stardom” title and the SWA World Championship, held by former NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai.

She Wrestled in Mae Young Classic (as Piper Niven)

Before playing the lovable-turned-meanie Doudrop, she wrestled as Piper Niven in the Mae Young Classic and on NXT UK. In the 2017 Mae Young Classic, Niven defeated Santana Garrett and Serena Deeb before losing to 2018 winner Toni Storm in the quarterfinals. 

What’s Next For Doudrop? 

Her feud with Bianca Belair allows both women to show off their athletic prowess. I think Belair will come out on top of the rivalry as she gets built back up for a run in the Royal Rumble and perhaps another big WrestleMania match.

Frankly, I’m surprised that Doudrop is still around. She’s an undeniable talent, but I felt she would get lost in the shuffle after her time with Eva Marie finished up. It is nice to see her on the main roster.  I think it would be nice for her and Bianca to team up and go on a tag team run. 

Are you a fan of Doudrop? Do you think she has what it takes to be a main roster star? Let us know in the comments below.

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