CM Punk Talks AJ Lee In AEW, Johnny Gargano’s NXT Decision

CM Punk AJ Lee
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When CM Punk joined AEW, many thought AJ Lee wasn’t too far behind. With that said, Punk was recently asked about the possibility of his wife joining the promotion. What was his response?

CM Punk Talks AJ Lee In AEW

CM Punk teaming up with AJ Lee to battle Britt Baker and Adam Cole sounds like a dream match. During a recent interview with SportNation on ESPN, Punk was asked about this bout.

What was his response? Punk notes his wife joining AEW is one thing he can’t promise.

CM Punk Notes AJ Lee Doing Her “Own Thing” Now

This is because AJ is doing her “own thing” now. It’s important to note that Lee has signed a deal with WOW Women of Wrestling.

She’s an executive producer for the company. She is not returning to the ring at this point, with WOW.

However, she could always change her mind and decide to also dive into action. Only time will tell.

Another former WWE superstar doing his “own thing” right now is Johnny Gargano. He recently wrapped up his NXT run, a decision that was made a while ago.

Johnny Gargano’s NXT Decision

While talking with Gregory Iron during Iron-On Wrestling, Johnny Gargano revealed some interesting information about his time off from NXT.

CM Punk AJ Lee

Source: Wrestling News, Twitter, Screenshot

He notes that he’s felt complete in NXT, for a while now. Gargano states that the decision to take a break from NXT was something he decided on a year ago.

He states it didn’t come out of the blue. However, it worked out well recently, since he and his wife Candice are having a baby.

The former NXT superstar notes that the baby finalized his decision about taking time off. He says that he is the type of person that could stay comfortable for a while.

Gargano also states that he loves NXT. He also reveals that the “door is open” at the WWE, and he can go back whenever he wants.

So Many More Mountains To Climb …

Johnny notes that he’s appreciative that the company has extended this offer. Especially since he’s dreamt of working for the WWE, for so long.

While he says he’s climbed the mountain at NXT, there are also “other mountains” he wants to climb. Not only in wrestling, but in other areas of his life.

He notes he’s fascinated with creating content, so now he’ll have the free time to do so. He also states that he feels lucky to have a fanbase that supports him, even if he’s not in NXT.

What’s next for Johnny Gargano (other than fatherhood)? Only time will tell.

He did hint recently that his rivalry with Tommaso Ciampa isn’t quite over. He’s also noted that he will work wherever his fans call him to.

There are plenty of promotions, which would love to have Johnny Gargano on their roster. It’ll be interesting to see where he lands once the dust settles.

Johnny Gargano had quite the resume in NXT. He was the NXT Champion, North American Champion (three times), and NXT Tag Team Champion, with Ciampa.