AEW Star Has Heat, Is Another WWE Alum All Elite?

aew star has heat
source: custom, anthony ogogo twitter screenshot

Some reports are emerging that an AEW star has heat for recent postings. Plus, is another WWE alum about to become All Elite?

AEW Star Has Heat

Wrestlers can be sensitive, and an AEW star has heat because he may have upset some people.

When you see some of the posts, you can see why AEW star Anthony Ogogo has heat.

Ogogo, he of limited AEW experience, posted this to Twitter after ROH’s last PPV.

Gresham was not happy with the shot. Neither were his wife, Jordynne Grace…nor Hornswoggle.

It appears as though Grace may have removed some of her responses, but Wrestling Inc. captured most of the good ones here.

Some thoughts?

One, even with what Gresham said, it’s initially hard to think this IS NOT a work. Or, if it started off as not one…that it won’t become an angle.

Two, if this is just how Ogogo is…looking at how he talked to Hornswoggle...and had to get blocked by Grace on her OnlyFans?

And, not just with those directly involved either…

aew star has heat

source: custom, anthony ogogo twitter screenshot

Yep, it’s not hard to see why the AEW star has heat. Wonder if he has some receipts coming his way?

Is Another WWE Alum All Elite?

One company’s loss may be another’s gain. Is another WWE alum about to become All Elite?

Another, of course, implies many others have changed companies. Which is true.

Most recently, Kyle O’Reilly became All Elite. He showed up on the most recent AEW show, joining fellow WWE alums Adam Cole and Bobby Fish.

Cole left WWE when his NXT contract expired. Fish was one of a long line of releases from WWE in 2021.

So, is another WWE alum about to become All Elite?

Per the Wrestling Observer…it seems like the answer is yes.

Also per the report…that WWE alum would be Johnny Gargano.

could another wwe alum be all elite

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On a recent Observer Radio piece, the hot topic was that Gargano may end up becoming All Elite in early 2022.

Because his WWE contract ran out, he is not subject to any non-compete. As such, he can show up whenever he wants, if he wants.

It was recently mentioned that Gargano’s decision to step away actually was made a while ago.

Now, it may not be that he wants time away…but that he wants to be away from WWE.

Gargano, like Cole and others, enjoys spending time on his Twitch stream…something WWE does not embrace.

In some streams, Johnny Wrestling has commented on wrestling against members of AEW’s roster. He can’t do that if he stays in WWE.

Now, nothing is done yet, but the Observer feels Gargano is leaning toward AEW. And in January, AEW has a show in Cleveland…

What could keep him in WWE? Money, for one…and the fact that his wife is still under contract for a bit too.

However, with a baby on the way shortly, it is entirely possible that Meltzer is wrong here, and Gargano really does want to take some time off to enjoy being a new dad.

The Cleveland show is less than a month away. That means we don’t have to wait long to see if Gargano becomes just the latest WWE alum to become All Elite.