Why Kevin Dunn Is In WWE, Former Superstar Retiring At 40

why kevin dunn is in wwe
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Every so often, someone sticks around and no one seems to know why-and in this case, we seek the answer to why Kevin Dunn is in WWE. Plus, a former Superstar seems to be retiring at 40.

Why Kevin Dunn Is In WWE

Sometimes you look at leadership in a company and wonder how certain people are still around. Sometimes, you might have even wondered why Kevin Dunn is in WWE.

For whatever reason, the topic came up on a recent Wrestling Observer radio show.

There is a bit of a tale that has made rounds, that many years ago, Dunn’s father saved WWF tapes from a burning trailer.

Based on that crazy act to save footage, it was said that Dunn’s father, and by extension, Kevin Dunn himself, would have jobs for life.

Well, the Observer took the chance to tackle that tale.

Per the discussion, it seems the act of saving tapes from a fire did in fact happen.

why kevin dunn is in wwe

source: custom, 365 wrestle twitter screenshot

However, that is not why Kevin Dunn is in WWE.

Or, more exactly, it may be why or how he got a job in WWE…but that’s about it.

As in, such an act of video tape heroism only means so much, for so long.

After all, we’ve seen Vince McMahon let go of some of his longest tenured employees over the years. We know virtually no one is untouchable.

So, while the tape saving efforts got Dunn the job (perhaps), Kevin Dunn remains in WWE because, as the report put it, he is someone McMahon can deal with.

Because, if you have not been paying attention…the boss likes his support structure.

Former Superstar Retiring At 40

Some wrestlers don’t know when to quit, and stick around way too long. Others know when its time, which is apparently why a former Superstar is planning on retiring at 40.

That might seem kind of early in this day and age, but when you have a goal in mind, that’s the important part.

It is crazy to look at 40 in terms of retiring, especially when AEW and WWE are regularly trotting out talent in their mid to late 40’s. Heck, someone in their 50’s just worked (and won) a match at Crown Jewel.

And, let’s not discuss the cautionary tales of folks like Terry Funk and Ric Flair, shall we?

Well, other than to say I think both men had more “retirement” matches than Cena’s had title reigns.

So which former Superstar is retiring at 40?

superstar retiring at 40

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That would be the man formerly known as Fandango.

Known now as Dirty Dango, he did a virtual signing over the weekend, and his future came up.

He said that he would like to sign soon with someone, but thus far, neither Impact nor AEW has expressed interest.

After last week’s news, Ring of Honor isn’t a good choice either.

He mentioned that he’s 38 now, and would like to wrap up his in-ring career by age 40.

Personally, I wouldn’t hate seeing a return of the Fashion Police. Or, of one of the best examples of fans making a Superstar…when everyone would end up Fandango-ing.

Either way, it would seem like Dango’s in ring career is winding down. Perhaps he won’t end up retiring at 40, but it at least seems plausible.