What’s Next For WALTER, Ric Flair Being Erased By WWE?

whats next for walter
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The Austrian Superstar has been mostly off television for a while, so what’s next for WALTER? Plus, is Hall of Famer Ric Flair being erased by WWE?

What’s Next For WALTER

We have seen very little of him since he dropped the NXT UK title earlier in 2021…so what’s next for WALTER?

Will the Austrian Superstar be let go by WWE-like way too many other talents have been?

Is his contract ending soon? Does that mean he might head back to Europe?

Or…could he actually embrace his destiny and wind up on the WWE main roster?

whats next for walter

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According to a report from the Wrestling Observer…what’s next for WALTER could indeed be the main roster.

Considering WALTER’s history, there’s definitely reason to be shocked by that.

For a while, prior to his NXT UK arrival, there were reports that WALTER had no desire to work for WWE.

NXT UK was, at the time, a compromise. He could work for WWE, without leaving Europe.

Eventually, WALTER showed up in the United States, something he had indicated he didn’t want to do much of.

For all the talk of WALTER never leaving Europe…it wasn’t hard to believe we wouldn’t see him stateside much, if at all.

So what changed?

Reports indicate his interests and family ties keeping him in Europe may be no longer.

It seems he and his wife have parted, and his other European wrestling and business interests have concluded.

Basically, WALTER may be viewing his WWE gig as his full time and sole gig. And in doing so, he’s influencing WWE to consider him for a larger main roster role.

Of course, not everyone who seems in line for a larger main roster role in WWE works out. Just ask Hit Row...

Ric Flair Being Erased By WWE?

The Nature Boy has been making all kinds of not great news lately…so, is Ric Flair being erased by WWE?

That is a question raised by the two time Hall of Famer. Perhaps it’s more of an outright accusation even.

But, is Ric Flair being erased by WWE? Perhaps.

However, just thinking out loud…but if he is being erased by WWE…could you blame them?

is ric flair being erased by wwe

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Let’s recap a little…

Earlier in the year, Flair asked for and was granted his release. By all accounts, he was walking away from a very nice deal.

However, he felt like there were creative differences, and he could not keep going.

Following that, a damaging “Dark Side of the Ring” episode aired, covering the infamous “plane ride from Hell”.

The unflattering show made Flair look even worse than some had thought.

Between his release and that airing, WWE did put some distance between themselves. One main example being, Flair’s signature “wooo” was removed from the show openings.

So yes, Ric Flair does think WWE is erasing his legacy. He also mentioned he’s been trying to get back some property from the company…

This one could be interesting to watch. Between social media and his new podcast, Flair is not afraid to air things out.