The Rock Initially Set For Survivor Series, Top AEW Stars Not Cleared

The Rock Survivor Series
Source: Wrestle Features, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE celebrated The Rock’s 25th anniversary of his debut this past Sunday. There were some great clips in the mix. However, many felt like Dwayne Johnson should have been there. A report reveals the reason behind his absence.

The Rock Initially Set For Survivor Series

Sure, fans got some cool video packages and an ad for The Rock’s latest movie on Netflix, Red Notice. However, no Johnson is in attendance at WWE Survivor Series.

F4Wonline’s Andrew Zarian sheds some light on why The Rock wasn’t at the pay-per-view (PPV). Apparently, the original plan was for Johnson to be there.

In fact, the entire event was to center around Dwayne Johnson, and for him to be at the event. That plan was in place until September.

Plans Fell Through For The Rock At Survivor Series

Sadly, something changed. According to Zarian, in July the idea was that Johnson was going to be at Survivor Series.

Andrew notes that the timing was “perfect” for this. The Great One was promoting Red Notice, the renewal of Young Rock on NBC, plus season two of the documentary series Ruthless Aggression, along with his WWE anniversary.

In late September, the same source told Zarian that Johnson would not be on Survivor Series. This was due to filming and needing to quarantine.

Therefore, the concept of centering the PPV around The Rock stayed. However, without Johnson in attendance.

Many fans felt like something major was missing from the event. Still, Dwayne has a very busy schedule and it makes sense as to why he couldn’t pull it off in the umpteenth hour.

Maybe fans will see the Great One, come WrestleMania 38? Only time will tell.

Over to AEW, they have two top stars that aren’t cleared to wrestle right now. More information on this, below.

Top AEW Stars Not Cleared

On the recent edition of Being The Elite, Matt Jackson states that both he and Nick are not medically cleared for action. Sounds like AEW fans won’t see the Young Bucks in the ring, anytime soon.

The Rock Survivor Series

Source: Tarhon, Twitter, Screenshot

Matt talks during a segment, about the tag team’s injuries. He notes that his brother is dealing with a bruised heel and he’s burned out.

In the third segment of the show, Matt states his neck is giving him issues, too. The rest of the show was a bit of a “send-off” to Kenny Omega.

So Long, Kenny

In fact, the title of the episode was called, “So Long, Kenny”. As many fans are aware, the former AEW World Champion is dealing with injuries of his own.

Omega is facing multiple surgeries, as such. Here’s hoping both Kenny and the Bucks can recover from their respective ailments sooner rather than later.

Adam Cole and the Young Bucks faced Christian Cage and Jurassic Express in a falls-count-anywhere bout at the Full Gear event. The Super Kliq lost when Matt Jackson was pinned by Jungle Boy.

What’s next for the Young Bucks in AEW? Well, healing up and recovery is the first step.