sasha banks pissed off
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If you ever wondered what had Sasha Banks pissed off a couple years ago, now we might know. And, Chris Jericho likes cruising, but his first one lost him a lot of money.

Sasha Banks Pissed Off

Lots has been said about her random disappearances, and now we might know at least one reason for why Sasha Banks was pissed off.

In fairness, we may not. But, we do know Banks was pissed off about at least one thing at one point, because Sasha Banks said so.

Banks mentioned being pissed off during a recent appearance on Kurt Angle’s podcast.

So, who was the target of her ire?

None other than Ronda Rousey.

Now, that there is friction between the two should not be too shocking.

Keep in mind that Sasha Banks is one of the Four Horsewomen of WWE. Ronda Rousey was the leader of the so-called Four Horsewomen of MMA.

At one point, all eight women were under contract with WWE, and fans had long expected or hoped for a Horsewomen clash on a WWE PPV.

That has not happened, and since a couple MMA Horsewomen have since been let go, it may be a while before it could ever happen.

So why was Banks pissed off at Rousey?

sasha banks pissed off

source: custom, Sasha Banks twitter screenshot


Well, that and all the perks that WWE threw at Rousey, like a private locker room and her entourage.

In fairness, Banks might have been pissed off about Rousey…but she was likely pissed off AT their mutual employer-WWE-for doing it.

I mean, if someone offered Banks all those perks, could you or would you blame her for taking them?

Now, that may not have anything to do with Banks and her random time off. But it gives some clarity to some things.

On the positive side of things, Banks seems to indicate that things are fine with Rousey now. In fact, Sasha Banks admits to wanting another big match with the former WWE Champion.

For now, Rousey is out of WWE, likely enjoying her maternity time away. It is unclear when-or even if-she will return to WWE.

Chris Jericho Cruising Lost Him Money

Speaking of money…we know Chris Jericho likes his cruising…but his cruising lost him money.

Specifically, Chris Jericho has run a few cruises. The short maritime vacation gives fans a chance to have some unique interactions with Jericho and any other wrestling talent onboard.

While he’s gone cruising several times now, his first cruise lost him money. A significant amount, as it turns out.

On his own podcast, the topic of his themed cruises came up. To date, he’s run three with a fourth on the horizon.

If there had only ever been one, you probably wouldn’t have held it against him.

chris jericho cruising lost him money

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According to Jericho, without giving a specific amount, the first cruise lost him six figures.

That could mean $100,000. It could be $999,999 too.

Either way, cruising the first time lost him money.

Having held two more since, with another one coming, Jericho was quick to say that he righted his ship.

He fine tuned things the second time around to ensure he could make up for his initial losses, while also beginning to make money for his efforts.

Reports about the Jericho cruises have been pretty good. If you have the means, and a desire to see wrestling matches at sea, it might be something to do.