Report: Keith Lee And Karrion Kross Had Heat With WWE

Keith Lee Karrion Kross
Source: The Signature Spot, Twitter, Screenshot

Keith Lee and Karrion Kross had backstage problems in WWE, which caused heat and their eventual termination.

Report: Keith Lee And Karrion Kross Had Heat With WWE

Keith Lee Had Attitude Problems

Too many times over the past 18 months have we reported the same news. WWE has been releasing talent in large groups, which continued this past week.

Of all the names listed, Keith Lee got the most attention. Now, comes the tricky part because some saw the release coming and others doubted WWE would pull the trigger.

Basically, it does not matter as Lee is no longer affiliated with WWE. His run has been nothing short of odd.

Early appearances he made on the main roster saw him interact with Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. It appeared WWE had big plans down the road.

He become the only wrestler to hold the NXT North American and World Championship at the same time. Then, he shifted to the main roster and was gaining some momentum.

A battle with COVID and problems in his blood caused him to miss months of action. He returned with a new gimmick, but was released before anything could materialize on TV.

On PWTorch’s VIP Ad-free audio show, Wade Keller went over Lee’s backstage attitude. In a shocking development, there were attitude issues and problems doing jobs.

“Keith Lee I have chronicled for months and months and months and months and months,” said Keller. “[Lee] was somebody that even people that were rooting for him behind the scenes, became frustrated with him.” 

“He just had, in general, attitude issues. Or, as one wrestler told me tonight, ‘perceived attitude issues,’ edging a little bit, others have said outright… attitude problems.” 

“He just was frustrated. I’ve heard different things about him in terms of his mood being altered way more than it should in the modern era, about being asked to do a job.”

Promising Start For Keith Lee In WWE

Before coming to NXT, Lee was seen as a possible champion. Then, once on NXT, he delivered as promised.

It was the main roster where he ran into problems. He has microphone and in-ring skills, so that was not the concern. 

Likely, he got frustrated with being unable to compete for so long. And, with little direction by WWE on TV, that was probably the last straw.

Karrion Kross Heat

Keith Lee Karrion Kross

Source: Pro Wrestling WWE News, Twitter, Screenshot

Speaking of heat, Karrion Kross is another person who had it in WWE. So, that might have been what caused his release. 

Also, it should be noted there are rumors openly unvaccinated wrestlers might have played a role. Because they cannot enter all the venues without proof of having the vaccine, it has become a problem for WWE.

There was a big push on WWE’s end to sign Kross and his now fiancée, Scarlett. They dominated NXT, only losing once, but then problems began.

WWE had Kross work RAW while still in NXT and he was losing. He was repackaged several times, including with a helmet that he tossed after getting axed by WWE.

Scarlett never made it to the main roster. People wanted Scarlett to be brought to the main roster as the couple work so well together.

Instead, they join a long list of WWE employees who have been released over the last 18 months.