Goldberg Difficult To Work With, Big Free Agent Now Available

Goldberg Difficult Work
Source: Wrestle Tracker, Twitter, Screenshot

Of all the people Eric Bischoff worked with, Goldberg was the most difficult. Also, W. Morrissey, known as Big Cass in WWE, is reportedly a free agent.

Goldberg Difficult To Work With

Eric Bischoff will be known for a lot of things. He nearly put WWE out of business, but only a few years later WCW folded.

There were several issues with WCW like giving wrestlers creative control, letting the NWO angle get out of hand and hiring older wrestlers that were already past their prime. Although, another major issue is the only star WCW created from scratch was Goldberg.

During his show on, Bischoff noted how Goldberg was the most difficult to deal with. Now, considering all the high profile names and problems in WCW, Goldberg must have really pushed Bischoff to the edge.

“I think on a consistent basis, it would have been Bill Goldberg, not necessarily in a bad way,” said Bischoff. “Bill was a very intense person, emotional, didn’t have a lot of experience, and was pretty uncomfortable in a pro wrestling environment when he first got there.”

“As a result, you take someone with a very intense personality and a bit of a perfectionist who puts a lot of pressure on himself. But, also lacking a lot of the experience and comfort that comes with experience.” 

“You get a guy that’s a little hard to handle, or sometimes, a lot hard to handle. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a thing.”

Goldberg Had A Difficult Time In WWE Too

Goldberg was a big attraction in WCW. His undefeated streak will be remembered.

When WCW was purchased by WWE, Goldberg eventually landed in WWE. It was a disaster and he was gone in a year with neither side happy.

He would return over a decade later and still makes a few appearances for WWE. He recently defeated Bobby Lashley at Crown Jewel.

Currently, Goldberg has one match left on his WWE deal. The next match could be the end, and probably should, but money talks.

Big Free Agent Now Available

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W. Morrissey, known as Big Cass in WWE, has apparently completed his Impact Wrestling contract. Fightful Select reports the deal concluded in October and he is not there in an official sense. 

Since he was still booked for Turning Point against Matt Cardona, he might have just ‘officially’ finished up. Now, things gets interesting.

WWE had high hopes for Morrissey, but alcohol addiction caused him to be released. He suffered some scary moments, although mounted a comeback.

Basically, he has been really impressive since turning his life around. Therefore, re-signing with WWE does not seem far-fetched. 

Impact Wrestling does want to keep him around. Meanwhile, his asking price is considered a big money deal by “Impact standards.”

It is always nice to see someone make a return against their demons. So, Morrissey deserves the best offer that comes his way.