Former WWE Stable Reunites, Hall Of Famer Names Best Ever Superstar

former wwe stable reunites
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Who doesn’t like when people get back together…as is the case when we see a former WWE stable reunites. And, Hall of Famer Kane names his best ever Superstar.

Former WWE Stable Reunites

Stables come and stables go, but here’s a bit of notable news: a former WWE reunites over the weekend.

OK, it’s not exactly a full-on reunion. That would be impossible, given what has happened.

However, at the Wrestlecade convention that took place over the weekend, we did see a former WWE stable reunite.

Or, at least, some portion of them.

former wwe stable reunites

source: custom, @wwe_history twitter screenshot

Which stable? That would be part of the Wyatt Family.

That stable at one point seemed poised to dominate WWE for quite some time.

Now, take a look around WWE…none of them remain.

The former Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman were released in 2021. The former Erick Rowan and the late Luke Harper exited ahead of them.

Clearly the company saw great things from them at one point. There are numerous world championships and tag titles between the four.

And yet, in another great example of WWE creative ineptitude perhaps, all four are gone.

Harper, more recently working as Brodie Lee, is sadly not with us at all. The former WWE Superstar, most recently with AEW, passed away just about a year ago.

The rest of the former Wyatt Family? They are available.

Wyatt himself is filming a Hollywood movie for now. Rowan has worked here and there, but has not stuck anywhere.

Strowman has had plenty of interest, but has not yet found the right fit for him.

Still, if only for the convention over the weekend, part of this once impressive WWE stable reunites, and fans can’t help but wonder…

Could we see the former members of the WWE stable reunite in another promotion at some point down the road?

Stranger things have happened.

Hall Of Famer Names Best Ever Superstar

Everyone seems to like naming who they think is their GOAT, so why not one more? Now, WWE Hall of Famer Kane names his best ever Superstar.

Honestly, the name probably might not stun you.

While talking about a number of topics during a recent podcast appearance, the notion of who was the best ever came up.

Kane brought up a number of names: The Rock, Steve Austin and Triple H among them.

Of those, Kane certainly had high praise for Hunter, especially when it pertains to the possibility of Vince’s son in law taking over WWE at some point.

However, as good as that group was, when Kane named his best ever Superstar…they weren’t it.

No, that honor went to someone else entirely.

hall of famer names his best ever superstar

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In the mind of the Big Red Monster, Ric Flair is the best Superstar ever. Kane had no issue referring to Flair as the greatest of all time.

When you are talking about the greatest names in wrestling history-especially when you focus purely on their wrestling careers-then it is hard to argue against Flair.

Now, it is still interesting to hear Kane discuss Flair, considering some of the stories that have recently resurfaced.

After his departure from WWE, and with the airing of the Dark Side of the Ring special focused on Flair, the company has worked on erasing The Nature Boy from anything.

Still, Kane’s point is not diminished. Flair’s storied career is well-documented, and he was the best in the business for an incredibly long time.

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