Could Jim Ross Be Done Commentating, Bryan Danielson Contract Details

could jim ross be done commentating
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The man is a living legend, one of the all-time greats…but could Jim Ross finally be done commentating? Plus, some Bryan Danielson contract details have come out.

Could Jim Ross Be Done Commentating

It is a tough question to ask, but could Jim Ross be done commentating?

More specifically, could Good Ol’ JR be forced into retirement?

It is possible, and the reason probably won’t be too surprising.

People have speculated about a possible retirement, as it pertains to Ross, for years.

could jim ross be done commentating

source: custom, Jim Ross twitter screenshot

Heck, even back during his WWE runs, there was sometimes chatter.

However, it was revealed that the announcing legend has skin cancer. Per a recent episode of his podcast, Ross needs to go quite a bit of chemotherapy.

He has a procedure lined up later in the month, and how that goes will go a long way toward determining his future.

Still, the stubborn Oklahoma Sooner fan said that he is determined to return to his chair for the first Dynamite of 2022.

With the hype for that show…I cannot say I blame him for wanting to be there.

Bryan Danielson Contract Details

This may not be too surprising, but the actual Bryan Danielson contract details have come out.

The source is none other than Danielson himself.

Bryan Danielson recently spoke with the MMA Hour, and part of the conversation shifted into his new deal with AEW.

So how about those contract details?

Per Danielson, he won’t be a short timer. His deal runs for three years, meaning that his current contract runs through August of 2024.

That is, of course, barring something changing. While it is not likely that Tony Khan starts doing a Nick Khan…we never know if a star will get extended between now and then.

bryan danielson contract details

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In addition to the length of the deal, Bryan Danielson confirmed a few other items too.

For starters, as we’d already heard…his wife is not following him to AEW. At least, not now.

Brie Bella remains with WWE. Considering all of their releases, and what the Bellas are not doing…this could change any day now.

Another interesting comment? He approached this as possibly his last wrestling contract.

In terms of sports entertainment, at the end of his current deal, he still won’t be that old.

However, the wrestling world knows full well the health issues that Bryan Danielson has endured, especially during his WWE run.

So, this could possibly be the last contract Danielson ever signs.

It is worth noting that Bryan Danielson himself stressed that the door to WWE remains open.

He would be fine returning, and it has been pointed out that the former WWE Superstar left the company on good terms.

So, perhaps Bryan Danielson is only in AEW for three years….or, this might be the last three years that we see Danielson in the ring.

Or…it’s way too soon to think about it, and he could pull a Ric Flair and work into his 70’s…

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