CM Punk & Eddie Kington Have Legit Heat, Beth Phoenix Idea Nixed

CM Punk Eddie Kington
Source: Just Alyx, Twitter, Screenshot

AEW wrestlers CM Punk and Eddie Kingston have legit heat that dates back two decades. Also, Beth Phoenix proposed being Brock Lesnar’s little sister on WWE TV.

CM Punk & Eddie Kington Have Legit Heat

Eddie Kingston and CM Punk have a lengthy history. They have been wrestling for decades, with each finding various levels of success.

Arguably, Punk became the bigger star by working for WWE and winning several huge titles along the way. Meanwhile, Kingston wrestled seemingly everywhere else and was a known name to fans.

So, the two meet again under the AEW banner this time around. The short feud has been intense with Punk and Kingston not holding back as there is legit heat.

Apparently, there is more to the story. The two have heat dating back to their early days in the business for IWA Mid South.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter spoke to a source who knows both and their history. The unnamed source discussed how Punk got heated with Kingston for how he acted in the ring.

CM Punk & Eddie Kington Problems Go Back To IWA Mid South

“A wrestler/subscriber noted to us after watching the Kingston-Punk segment on Rampage, I can fully vouch for Eddie’s promo on Punk the other night,” said the source. “I was sitting right there in an IWA Mid South locker room when Punk called Eddie and his partner at the time, Blackjack Marciano, fat, lazy and unsafe.” 

“Marciano had just accidentally injured Delirious in a previous match and Punk was hot about it, so just buried them nonstop. I could see why Eddie hung onto that hate and anger for so long.”

Really, there is no way of telling who is at fault since the incident was so long ago. Honestly, the two should not have any legit heat at this stage in their careers.

The two veterans will get a chance to settle their score at AEW Full Gear on Saturday. We do not expect anyone to shoot, but this should be a hard-hitting affair.

Beth Phoenix Idea Nixed

Source: Beth “Phoenix” Copeland, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix is a busy woman. She works the announce table for NXT, raises a family, occasionally competes and has other projects.

Before becoming a superstar on TV, Phoenix already had an idea and pitched it to Michael Hayes. She wanted to be portrayed as Lesnar’s little sister.

Keep in mind, Lesnar left WWE the same year Phoenix joined Ohio Valley Wrestling. Therefore, nothing ever materialized.

Phoenix would debut on the main roster as a face, but quickly injured her jaw. Phoenix was removed from TV while she healed and repackaged upon returning.

She retired from pro wrestling, but still makes a few rare appearances inside a WWE ring. She is a great talent, although the Lesnar idea is nothing to brag about.

Lesnar eventually returned to WWE and is one of their biggest stars. He is currently feuding with Universal Champion Roman Reigns.