WWE Knows It Has A Problem With An Older Wrestling Roster

WWE has an older wrestling roster
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WWE has a bit of a problem with an older wrestling roster, making it more difficult to find future stars. But does this mean the brand needs to act immediately?

Dave Meltzer Discussed the Older Wrestling Roster in WWE

WWE Older Wrestling Roster

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The WWE has a serious issue. After all, it released a bunch of the new talent it had acquired over the past year.

Dave Meltzer discussed the issue at great length on wrestler observer radio. He believes the older wrestling roster could become a serious problem for the WWE fast!

“They are very much aware and far more than just aware, are very much cognizant of the idea that they got a lot of 40 year olds on the main roster and that’s one of the reason why NXT has changed so much. It feels that they got to get some guys in their 20s and get them ready for the main roster. They are aware, it’s not like they are in denial…I think that they are blaming the old — whatever it is, the fact that NXT was loaded with guys in their 30s.”

According to Meltzer, the WWE has already made some changes for its ailing roster. However, his argument is invalid when you look at releases such as Buddy Murphy and Aleister Black.

NXT Gets A Makeover


Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Meltzer believes that the recent NXT changes have everything to do with the main roster. And since Triple H lost control of it, you cannot argue with it. 

Recently, NXT started pushing younger stars as opposed to banking on its original cast.

But while NXT is banking on younger talent, the main roster does not seem to benefit long-term. After all, some of its biggest stars have been released.

Buddy Murphy and Aleister Black were some of the larger wrestlers coming from that roster. And guys like Johnny Gargano remain stagnant on that roster despite their popularity.

Aleister Black could have been booked strong on the main roster. The same could have been said about Ricochet and Buddy Murphy.

Murphy only had a brief run alongside Seth Rollins and the Mysterio family. After that, his release came swift and without mercy.

That being said, the WWE managed to create some successful talent over the past decade. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Drew McIntyre are some of the talent that made it big in the WWE.

Unfortunately, it seems Vince seems to focus on very few people and they must meet his mainstream criteria. This leaves little room for guys such as Finn Balor, Murphy, and Black.

The WWE must change its idea about the perfect wrestler to get that next breakout star that will lure the masses back to the promotion. The talent is there, they just need the freedom to capitalize on the ideas they actually have.

If the WWE acquires more talent in the future, I hope they get more than a guaranteed release after a few years of loyalty. While they are not the first to be released, the pandemic brought some of the most unusual releases.

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