Vince McMahon Reacts To Ratings, Braun Strowman Debuting Soon

vince mcmahon reacts to ratings
source: custom, WrestlingNews.Co twitter screenshot

Much has been said about WWE’s new competition, and now Vince McMahon reacts to recent ratings. Plus, the former Braun Strowman will be debuting soon…but for who?

Vince McMahon Reacts To Ratings

It was noted earlier that WWE has been doing interesting television numbers. And you can believe Vince McMahon reacts to those ratings.

Last Friday was perhaps the biggest night in the budding rivalry between AEW and WWE.

vince mcmahon reacts to ratings

source: custom, WrestlingNews.Co twitter screenshot

While Vince McMahon has said that he does not feel that AEW is competition...things say he should think otherwise.

For example…AEW is, as of recently, outselling WWE in the same building, in the New York metro area.

Well, last Friday, the Supersized SmackDown went head to head, for 30 minutes, against AEW Rampage.

Both shows were commercial free for that time.

WWE’s 30 minutes leveraged Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. AEW gave us CM Punk and Matt Sydal.

Overall, SmackDown did not do badly. Neither did AEW…

However, in the key 18 to 49 demographic? Not so good…AEW claimed that win.

According to the Wrestling Observer, McMahon learned of the ratings during RAW on Monday. And, while he could not have been pleased, he was rather stoic.

Based on prior experiences, it seems some expected him to get quite animated and annoyed.

Either the numbers didn’t concern him, or he waited till he was behind closed doors to erupt.

Considering that Vince McMahon and others expect Tony Khan to spend AEW out of business…perhaps the boss is not really worried about one night’s ratings.

However…if the ratings become a trend…perhaps McMahon’s reaction to the ratings won’t be so calm.

Braun Strowman Debuting Soon

Plenty has been discussed about when and where Adam Scherr will show up. And now we know, the former Braun Strowman will be debuting soon.

More important, we know for who.

No, Braun Strowman is not coming back to WWE. That ship has sailed for now.

AEW seemed to have some interest, but nothing came to be.

Which should make his destination pretty clear.

We are hearing that the former Braun Strowman will be debuting soon for Impact.

braun strowman debuting soon

source: custom, Wrestling Observer twitter screenshot

There have been rumors for a while now that Strowman would land in Impact.

After last weekend’s meeting between Scherr and Impact executive Scott D’Amore, it was clear things were heating up.

Now, it’s basically a done deal.

Per PWInsider, the ink is drying on the contract, and Adam Scherr’s debut is imminent.

How imminent? Well, the expectation currently is Scherr, using the nickname of The Titan, should be showing up at Bound For Glory.

One report indicated that Scherr was already heading to Las Vegas…

Barring a last minute shift in plans, it would be a potentially huge get for Impact.

Of course, if Scherr’s arrival does little to buoy the promotion, it would seem to prove that WWE cut bait and ran at the right time.

Still, it is entirely possible that Scherr arrives in Impact and excels…and ultimately returns to WWE.

He would not be the first Superstar to be released, improve elsewhere and return.

For now, it looks like the former Braun Strowman will be debuting soon for Impact.