Tony Khan warns WWE ahead of Rampage SmackDown Battle
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AEW’s boss Tony Khan sent a stark warning to WWE ahead of the Rampage – SmackDown battle. In fact, Khan believes Rampage will wipe the floor with World Wrestling Entertainment.

The Battle Between AEW Rampage and WWE SmackDown

Tony Khan issues stark warning to WWE ahead of Rampage SmackDown Battle

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Tony Khan warned WWE this week ahead of the battle between his brand Rampage and WWE’s SmackDown. And it seems the AEW boss is quite confident with his promotion.

 “I saw you’re doing a half hour head-to-head with us. I can’t wait to finally beat your main show head-to-head. ‘It’s been a long time coming. See you next Friday for #AEWRampage on @AEWonTNT!”

This time, WWE goes against AEW’s Rampage brand. Before, AEW Dynamite had to face off with WWE’s NXT.

While the Wednesday Night Wars have been infamous, it seems Khan is ready for the next chapter. Of course, his confidence is well placed, as the show has only increased in mainstream success since its inception.

Overall, WWE is still the biggest company. But that could be about to change. 

There are many reasons why fans have lost interest in WWE. Whether it was a scandal or fan favorites being fired, they all put WWE in troubled waters.

With the two companies going head to head, both of them are pulling out all the stops. So, it is great time to be a wrestling fan to be sure. 

What’s On The Menu

Roman Reigns

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As mentioned earlier, both companies are pulling out some major talent. This is no surprise, as this little feud could turn the tables in the war between the companies.

WWE announced the return of Brock Lesnar for the blue brand. Love him or hate him, Lesnar has always been a major crowd puller.

In addition to Lesnar, WWE also made sure the women’s division is well-represented. In fact, they are scheduling a highly anticipated match between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.

AEW on the other hand has also pulled out some major talent from the locker room. Actually, one of the advertised matches is none other than Matt Sydal and CM Punk.

Unfortunately, AEW has one thing playing against it. After all, the brand is dealing with a later time slot.

In reality, SmackDown will only compete with the first half of Rampage. Furthermore, a later time slot could mean some fans head off to bed before the show is actually over.

At the end of the day, it is only a half an hour worth of overlap. But the results of that overlap will tell us exactly how AEW is doing in comparison with WWE.

While WWE is still the largest promotion in numbers, they are no longer the sole competitor today. And while AEW could use an even bigger platform than currently, the results of the upcoming battle could change things even more. 

It may be a stressful time for Tony Khan and Vince McMahon, but wrestling fans are certainly getting pampered these days. Either way, we are in for an excellent bout of wrestling with this battle!