TNT Nixed Part Of AEW Idea, Current Impact Wrestling Relationship

tnt nixed part of aew idea
source: custom, aew twitter screenshot

While the company has delivered some good programs, TNT nixed part of an AEW idea recently. And, what is the current Impact Wrestling relationship like?

TNT Nixed Part Of AEW Idea

Even for the hot new brand, things aren’t always approved. TV partner TNT recently nixed part of an AEW idea.

On this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite, fans saw a battle of Ghostbusters versus cowboys.

No, that is not a misprint, nor a typo.

Considering that Halloween is Sunday, AEW took time to embrace the holiday.

The Elite dressed up as Ghostbusters, and made their entrance to a rushed remix of the iconic theme song.

tnt nixed part of aew idea

source: custom, aew twitter screenshot

That experience was detailed by AEW’s musical mind:

As if that wasn’t cool enough…TNT nixed part of the original AEW idea for The Elite.

Initially, The Elite was going to spoof the hot series “Squid Game”.

Perhaps executives did not know exactly how that would come off on television. With that in mind, TNT nixed that part of the AEW idea.

So, at the last moment, AEW pivoted and The Elite channeled their inner ghostbusters.

As for that nixed idea? Yes, the music producer did a song for that one too.

Perhaps we see that next year?

Current Impact Wrestling Relationship

Late in 2020, AEW opened the creative idea known as the Forbidden Door. So, with that in mind, what is the current Impact Wrestling relationship with AEW?

Well, it seems at least for now…there isn’t one.

AEW start Christian Cage was the Impact World Champion, but he lost the belt last Saturday.

Based on reports, Cage dropping the belt symbolically closed the Forbidden Door and ended the current Impact Wrestling relationship with AEW.

However, that may not be a door that is closed forever.

current impact wrestling relationship

source: custom, impact wrestling twitter screenshot

Per a report in the Wrestling Observer, the expectation is that this is a short term change to the Impact-AEW relationship.

Now there are no assurances that Impact Wrestling will have a relationship with AEW again, of course.

However, things seemed to work out pretty well for all involved. There is no reason to think that the relationship won’t be revived down the road.

While there were several different programs running between Impact and AEW, they’ve all wrapped up.

There are no programs active, and nothing imminently planned either.

The two companies may just be taking a break from one another.

It does seem like there are plenty of stories to still be written, involving talent across both rosters.

With some big names rumored to be showing up on one or the other brand, renewing the relationship could present even more opportunities in the future.