The 10 Best Catchphrases In Pro Wrestling Today

Best Catchphrases in Pro Wrestling
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There are some amazing catchphrases in pro wrestling today. But which are the most successful and catchy?

Today, we look at the 10 best catchphrases in pro wrestling today.

Acknowledge Me (Roman Reigns)

The best catchphrases in pro wrestling

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Roman Reigns turning heel has been the best thing for his career. Of course, he has always been somewhat popular. 

But since turning heel, even male fans have taken a shine to the former Shield member. Evidently, a heel persona also demands another catchphrase.

Acknowledge me” has been a great catchphrase for the bloodline head. And we are sure there will be many more in the future.

I’m Better Than You, And You Know It (MJF)


Source: Screenshot, YouTube

AEW also has some massive stars with some great catchphrases. And one of the best catchphrases in pro wrestling belongs to a relatively new upcoming wrestler.

MJF has taken the wrestling world by storm. In fact, he is arguably one of the best heels in the business today.

A good heel also needs an the annoying catchphrase that immediately upsets people. And what better catchphrase than “I’m better than you, and you know it”. 

You only have to listen to the boos of the crowd to find out how great MJF is at being a heel. We cannot wait to discover more catchphrases of his in the future.


the best catchphrases in pro wrestling

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Matt Riddle probably has the simplest catchphrase of them all. And the catchphrase goes all the way back to his NXT days.

Since his catchphrase hit off in a major way, there have been lots of variations on the bro catchphrase. This included his tag team name with Randy Orton.

The word “bro” is a large part of Matt Riddle’s gimmick and I don’t see that changing in the nearby future. Of course, it remains to be seen if the “bro” gimmick will continue to resonate with the crowd.

Cowboy S–T

Hangman Adam Page

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Hangman Adam Page is one of the most popular wrestlers in AEW. Needless to say, that explains why any catchphrase he uses hits off immediately.

Swear words are not that common in this PG era. Obviously, this makes Hangman Adam Page’s catchphrase even more unique.

While it is not one of the most obvious catchphrases, Hangman Adam Page definitely has the crowd roaring “cowboy s–t”. We are sure his next catchphrase will be a massive success, too.

Adam Cole Bay Bay

Best catchphrases in pro wrestling

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Adam Cole Bay Bay was a gimmick that goes all the way back to the indies. In fact, he is one of the few wrestlers that managed to get his indie catchphrase all the way to the WWE.

Of course, Adam Cole recently made the switch to AEW. Interestingly enough, he took his gimmick with him once more.

It is a rare for a WWE wrestler to keep their gimmick, as the WWE is quick to trademark absolutely everything. Fortunately for us, the gimmick is very much alive in AEW these days and shows no signs of slowing down.

Fall and Pray

best catchphrases in pro wrestling

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Karrion Kross has been standing out considerably in a relatively short period of time. Even in NXT, he had the crowd pretty much eating out of his hand.

The Fall and Pray gimmick of Karrion Kross certainly tells you everything you need to know about his character. If anything, it strikes fear in the hearts and minds of his opponents.

We hope that the momentum of Karrion Kross is noted by upper WWE management. Let’s just hope he doesn’t see the same fate as Aleister Black, who saw his release earlier this year.


Chris Jericho

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

This is not as much as a catchphrase as it is an intro song. But to be entirely honest, Chris Jericho’s career is filled with successful catchphrases, we could not miss out on Jericho’s latest invention.

The AEW is absolutely crazy for Fozzy’s “Judas.” And they make sure Jericho is aware of it by belting the song every time he comes out. 

Of course, there have been many other catchphrases by Jericho in AEW alone. One of the more recent includes one of my personal favorites “A little bit of the bubbly.” 

We Want The Smoke

The Street Profits

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

I have to admit that I was not the biggest fan of the Street Profits when I first saw them on NXT. That being said, I did warm to them quite quickly once I got to know them.

The Street Profits started off in NXT, and this is exactly where the “We want the smoke” catchphrase comes from. Fortunately, the gimmick also translated to the main roster.

It remains unclear if the Street Profits will continue as a tag team, because it seems Montez Ford is about to be pushed by the company.


Britt Baker

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Britt Baker is one of the most popular female wrestlers of the moment. And the AEW wrestler also has one of the best catchphrases in pro wrestling today.

Baker’s “DMD” – Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry – catchphrase is certainly one of the most unusual in the list. In fact, Glen Jacobs tried the dentist gimmick in the past without little success.

Britt Baker certainly managed to do it, even where a WWE veteran completely failed. At the moment, her “DMD” catchphrase is one of the biggest in pro wrestling today.

Baker is certainly on the pro wrestling map. And her DMD catchphrase will certainly keep her there.

Zero Miedo

Penta El Zero Miedo

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Despite the language barrier, Penta has managed to bridge the gap with an excellent gimmick. In fact, “Zero Miedo” (zero fear) catapulted Penta to be one of the most popular wrestlers in the entire company.

While the company could push Penta even further than he already has, he is certainly well on his way to become an AEW Hall of Famer in the future. (If such a Hall of Fame will be created in the future).

Penta and his brother Fenix are also part of Death Triangle with Pac. And their triangle symbol has also hit off with the crowd in a major way.

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