Terrible News About Jimmy Rave, WWE Rehires Former Superstar

WWE Rehires Former Superstar
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WWE does rehire a superstar on occasion and that is what happened to Jimmy Yang. But first, some more awful news about Jimmy Rave.

Terrible News About Jimmy Rave

Former Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling wrestler Jimmy Rave was recently hit with another medical issue. On Sunday, he revealed that both legs were amputated due to a staph infection called Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

MRSA is described as a bacterial infection that’s resistant to antibiotics and can be deadly. Rave noted he had history with the disease and it possibly stems from drug abuse.

He spent 17 years in the business, competing from 2003 to 2020. ROH, Impact Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and WWE were some of the promotions he worked for.

On November 28, 2020 Rave officially retired from pro wrestling. The decision was made by the doctor, as an infection in his left arm caused amputation.

Just under a year later and now Rave also lost both his legs. On Twitter, Rave posted one of his medical bills and his asking fans for assistance.

From everyone at Wrestle Newz, we are sorry to hear about what Rave has been dealing with. He will be in our thoughts during this difficult time.

WWE Rehires Former Superstar

WWE Rehires Former Superstar

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Sometimes, in pro wrestling, wrestlers only get one chance to make it. With WWE now having competition, there are a few more opportunities for those young competitors.

Well, one former WWE superstar is officially back with the company. Jimmy Wang Yang started this week as a producer on RAW according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

He first made an impression during the final years of WCW. Then, he spent what would be three runs with WWE.

Originally, the first run lasted less than a year. Now, the second time around, lasted a few more years.

Unlike before, Yang had a new gimmick. Basically, he was an asian redneck who was proud of his roots.

The repackaged Yang did not win any titles during his several year run. Although, he did earn more TV time and a seemed to enjoy the gimmick.

During his gap years with WWE, he found work with a bunch of other companies. The three biggest were Impact Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

Before getting the WWE producer job, Yang worked in the pest control business  and currently runs a redneck party bus.