Who Are The “Scariest” Wrestlers Of All Time?

Mad Dog Vachon

The Bleacher Report out with a list of the “scariest” wrestlers of all time. It has the usual spooky stars: Kane, Undertaker, the Boogieman. But how about real fear? How about the wrestlers who scared not only fans but the boys in the back like Mad Dog Vachon? 

Here are a few legit horror show wrestlers. Whether crazy brawlers, violent street fighters, or just straight-up insane, these stars scared people for real. 

The Real Scariest Wrestlers Of All Time


You ask wrestlers who the toughest wrestler of all time is, a lot of them will tell you Haku.

The Tongan giant was known for his tough attitude and was a legendary fighter in and out of the ring. He was known for being undefeated in fights.

Whether it was cops or promoters trying to short wrestlers on pay, Haku wasn’t to be trifled with. 

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Brock Lesnar

Self-explanatory. Brock is the scariest dude alive. The apex human. He’s faster and stronger than you or anyone else on the planet.

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The Vachons Were The Scariest Family In All Of Wrestling

Mad Dog Vachon

Old-timer Mad Dog Vachon was from a time when wrestlers had to live the gimmick 24/7.

One of the scariest guys in and out the ring, Mad Dog was tough and wasn’t afraid of a bar-room brawl and fighting dirty

“He gets the guy down, he reaches in, and he starts pulling the guy’s eye out! And Butcher, his brother, tries to pull him off. They finally get him off, and Dog was just biting the guy [on the face]. It was like something you’ve never seen.

Mad Dog also tried to crash a plane…that he was on.

Luna Vachon

A trailblazer for women in the ring, Luna was one of the first female wrestlers to ditch the “lady-like” attitude and adopt a wild and unpredictable persona.

Seriously, no other woman was cutting promos like this. Her look is totally unique.

A Frightening Spirit 

Jushin Liger’s Evil Alter Ego: Kishin Liger

Japanese fan-favorite Jushin “Thunder” Liger has been a good guy for most of his storied wrestling career.

On rare occasions, the legendary cruiserweight has donned his evil Kishin character. Kishin doesn’t wear a mask but dons white facepaint and mist.

Who is your scariest wrestler of all time? Let us know in the comments

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