Roman Reigns – Universal Title Booking, Top WWE Star Taking Hiatus

Roman Reigns Universal Title
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The WWE Universal Title could be sticking with Roman Reigns well into 2022. Also, Brock Lesnar might be taking a hiatus after Crown Jewel.

Roman Reigns – Universal Title Booking

As part of The Shied, Roman Reigns was over with the fans. Then, the group disbanded and Reigns was pushed as the top babyface of WWE.

Initially, fans did not seem to mind Reigns taking a spot held by the likes of John Cena, Steve Austin and The Rock. Although, they quickly turned on him and for years they booed.

COVID struck and Reigns was forced to take a break because of his past battles with leukemia. Suddenly, he returned at SummerSlam 2020 and a week later was Universal Champion.

This time, things were very much different as Paul Heyman become his advocate. Fast forward to October 2021 and Reigns is still champion.

In fact, he is yet to be pinned this decade. And, that might not change. 

According to a report from Wrestling News, WWE plans have Reigns keeping the gold for the rest of 2021. Therefore, if that is accurate, he will walk out of Crown Jewel still champion.

Reigns is set for his biggest test to date since turning heel as he meets Brock Lesnar. Catch Crown Jewel on Thursday, October 21, as Reigns defends against Lesnar.

If the report is right, then Reigns will somehow find a way to leave the Middle East with his belt. Heyman getting involved and a wacky finish have been discussed by fans.

Top WWE Star Taking Hiatus

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So, that now brings us to Brock Lesnar. Up until a few months ago, he had not been seen on WWE TV since WrestleMania 35.

That was the unique WrestleMania where zero fans were in attendance because of COVID. After the match ended, it was later noted that his contract expired.

Lesnar officially retired from the UFC, so the only major option was AEW. Luckily, WWE was able to have Lesnar re-sign in what was probably a huge contract.

He appeared at SummerSlam as a face and only made a few appearances since then. His first match in over 18 months will be his Crown Jewel battle with Reigns.

In another report, Wrestling News noted that Lesnar is likely disappearing from TV after Crown Jewel. He is expected back for the Royal Rumble in late January.

Now, that does not mean the title match between Lesnar and Reigns is spoiled. Lesnar is known to win or retain the title and then disappear for months at a time.

That could be one direction WWE heads. Although, I predict Reigns walks out as champion.

Basically, he beats everyone and then Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble Match as a surprise entrant. And, that leads to another installment of Reigns vs Lesnar for WrestleMania.