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It is not just another RAW In A Nutshell…nope, this is the one where the roster going from California to Crown Jewel.

In case you missed the memo, that means this is our go-home show, at least for the RAW brand.

SmackDown, of course, had their iteration on Friday.

Crown Jewel is Thursday, so it’s just about all locked in. This RAW In A Nutshell brings us the absolute final hype for the show.

And, not to be forgotten, it is also the last time we will see this RAW roster as presently constituted.

Next week’s RAW (and Nutshell) will be sort of another season premiere. All the new draft choices will be formally in their new locker rooms, and no more showing up on both shows (we think).

In terms of matches, what can we expect from this RAW In A Nutshell?

Perhaps the biggest matches are all lining up Crown Jewel clashes.

We have the last semifinal matches for both the King of the Ring and Queen’s Crown tournaments. Those wrap up on Crown Jewel.

There will also be a RAW Women’s Championship title defense, as exiting champion Charlotte Flair takes on Bianca Belair.

As far as shows go, it aims to be a bit of an eventful one, as the roster gets ready to go from California to Crown Jewel.

So, let’s not delay any more…

RAW In A Nutshell: Going From California To Crown Jewel

Let’s crack open this Nutshell and get this show on the road!

from california to crown jewel

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Best Match of the night:

It was good. However, it was not great.

Honestly, the ending sort of…ruined it a bit.

That, of course, would be the main event.

Bianca and Charlotte was a mostly enjoyable match. Not always perfect…right until Charlotte used the chair to earn the DQ.

At this point, I figure Becky drops the blue belt at Crown Jewel (to Sasha is my guess), or we just see Becky and Charlotte trade belts…similar to what was done with the men’s tag belts a year ago.

Worst match of the night:

I feel like clarifying this. I’d say it’s less worst match…perhaps most boring, or match I was least into?

Mace and Balor didn’t move the needle…Mace needs a reboot, and the best with Balor was post-match against Woods.

Hardy and Theory wasn’t great, but it was the last.

going from california

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Mansoor and Cedric? Yes, I think that takes the cake.


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Star of the Night

I will say that Big E and Drew were much better this week.

from california

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Jobber of the Night:

I’d say Mace…or maybe Cedric.


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Upset of the Night:

Did not expect Doudrop to beat Shayna Baszler.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Nothing tremendous for this one.

Only thing I would have thought of using would be the draft decisions.

Specifically, you know who the champions are. You also know when the draft choices kick in.

And, oh yes, your product is scripted.

So, why do we always see a situation where someone is taking the belt to the other brand, or could be?

Book it so the champions all trade places and belts, or something along those lines.

Botch of the night:

Can’t say I caught the spot, but Charlotte was busted open. Looked like the hard way too.

So, I will presume (right or wrong, who knows) that someone made a boo-boo that caused that blood.

LOL Moment of the night:

I suppose this one goes to the interaction between R-Truth and Austin Theory.


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Truth could be far more serious if he wanted to be…but the comedic role works for him, and allowed Truth to help Jeff Hardy get one back before leaving for the blue brand.

And, it may also be the last time we see a babyface Jeff Hardy…or any form of Hardy as we knew him.

Oh, and I almost forgot…someone actually wrote, or let Orton say to Riddle “you want the smoke?”

from california to crown jewel

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Or, Orton just winged it, and that one was too good to miss.

Noteworthy Moment:

The big moment, as the brand gets going from California to Crown Jewel?

That this was the last show with the current RAW roster.

Yes, it’s a weak point…but it is still a point.

Overall lowlights:

Honestly, and you almost hate to compare them,  but Friday’s SmackDown just felt better.

It is one item, just a single observation. But it’s also my lowlight.

Overall highlights:

There was some reason for optimism.

Got a glimpse at some action relative to the new draft crop. Also, regardless of who…next week is a whole new era.

Until WWE shuffles things around again, of course…

After the final bell:

Well, that closes that up. The red brand folks are now going from California to Crown Jewel…so I expect as I am writing this, many are heading to the airport.

Not sure I am entirely excited for the show. A few good matches, possibly…and I expect at least one belt to be changing hands.

raw in a nutshell

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Either way, when next we get together for a Nutshell…things should be a bit different. At least in terms of the rosters…