Matt Riddle Family Issues, WWE Has Women’s Division Problems?

matt riddle family issues
source: custom, lisa riddle twitter screenshot

As happy as he comes off on RAW, it seems that Matt Riddle has some family issues. And, speaking of issues, there are rumblings that WWE has Women’s Division problems brewing.

Matt Riddle Family Issues

He is one half of the RAW Tag Team Champions, so he’s pretty happy…but Matt Riddle may have some family issues.

At least, that’s the way a Tweet makes things look…and it is not a good look for the former UFC fighter.

One half of RK-Bro posted a message, indicating how happy he was traveling and performing live shows again.

The message seemed fine and dandy…until it wasn’t.

matt riddle family issues

source: custom, lisa riddle twitter screenshot

Riddle’s wife, Lisa, posted (and has seemingly since deleted) a rather not so pleasant message.
However…people do enjoy screenshots of hot takes…so here’s the latest.

Now, we know this isn’t the first time Riddle might have been having family issues.

Specifically, it wasn’t all that long ago that Riddle was dealing with legal issues stemming from an affair and it’s fallout.

He didn’t deny the affair-he actually owned it and seemingly moved past it.

Now, it could be an issue where his wife is just annoyed at the traveling again. Up until recently, WWE was only working in Orlando.

As of a couple months ago, however, the grueling travel has returned. It does not seem like Lisa Riddle missed that.

WWE Has Women’s Division Problems?

It’s been an interesting few months for the company…but could it be true that WWE has Women’s Division problems?

Per a report from Fightful Select, it seems that there are unhappy people within WWE.

The root of their unhappiness? How things have been going within the Women’s Division.

Diving deeper into the report, it does not name names. However, it seems to indicate that the unhappiness is not limited to just Superstars.

WWE talent and staff are said to be frustrated with how the Women’s Division has been handled recently.

Thus far, that’s about the extent of the report. It sounds like there is more to this story, and we might only just be seeing it break.

While it is purely speculative, there are a few recent booking decisions that could be called into question.

There are still some who likely did not like how WWE had Becky Lynch squash Bianca Belair at SummerSlam, for example.

That is also linked, of course, to the latest brief disappearance of Sasha Banks.

wwe women's division problems

source: custom, YouTube TV Screenshot

More recently, some were surprised that Liv Morgan lost to Carmella in the Queen’s Crown opening round on Friday.

Though, one has to wonder if Morgan might have killed any push she could have been up for, considering the AEW innuendo recently.

Still, the Women’s Division seems to have problems, and we may only be catching the early bits of it.