Io Shirai Update After Scary Ladder Bump, WWE Releases Talent

Io Shirai Ladder Bump
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If you caught NXT’s Halloween Havoc, you probably saw Io Shirai take a scary ladder bump that has people buzzing. Plus, former WWE announcer Greg Hamilton responds after his abrupt release.

Io Shirai Update After Scary Ladder Bump

NXT ladder matches have a history of being intense, and Halloween Havoc added to that lore. Now, Io Shirai discusses a crazy spot she took during the Scareway to Hell ladder match.

Here is the spot itself, prompting an understandable response from the former NXT champion.

And, here is Io Shirai discussing the crazy spot a bit more in depth.

There has not yet been any word on if the bump looked scarier than it was, or if it didn’t quite go as planned.

As you can see, Shirai seemed to take the brunt of the bump on her neck. That is generally not where you want to take a bump, especially not when when falling off of a ladder and onto another.

io shirai discusses crazy spot

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It is good to see Shirai getting on Twitter to confirm she is OK and still motivated.

Now that she is a former tag champion, it will be interesting to see if she does not end up moving up to RAW or SmackDown.

WWE Releases Talent

In case you missed it, WWE abruptly released Greg Hamilton yesterday. Now, the announcer responds after his release.

Io Shirai Ladder Bump

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The release was apparently driven by a claim made by Hamilton, that he was going to sue a rapper for using his voice on a track. More specifically, that his legal efforts would be backed by WWE lawyers.

It seems the company didn’t agree, and parted ways with the ring announcer.

Now, the announcer responds after his release.

Here it is, in his own words.


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Generally, WWE doesn’t say much about releases. We get the notice that someone has been let go, and that is about it.

Sure, in the days and weeks after, some tidbits come out about the supposed motivating factors.

Hamilton’s own response seems to confirm the reasoning. He mentioned social media, and also linked it to mental health.

While it might seem like an excuse, social media can definitely be a powerful factor. In this case, it certainly seemed to smack Hamilton hard.

As an interesting note, it seems that the parting, though stated as a release, may have been a mutual decision.

On his way out, the ring announcer was certainly quite gracious. He also kept things in perspective, noting that he loved his time with WWE, but that it was an incredible grind.

Clearly, the ring announcer opted not to burn any bridges on his way out. Whether he returns to WWE (or follows many others to AEW), he would certainly have options.

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