CM Punk Praises AEW Daniel Garcia
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AEW star CM Punk issued a challenge to Daniel Garcia, who had their match on Rampage Friday. But the veteran wrestler also had a lot of good things to say about his opponent ahead of their match.

AEW’s CM Punk Praises Daniel Garcia

AEW CM Punk Praises Daniel Garcia

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

CM Punk and Daniel Garcia had a great match on Friday. And the wrestler praised the fast-rising star in an interview before their match took place.

Punk had some great things to say about the indie wrestler. However, one of his most remarkable statements was that the wrestler was “years beyond his age”.

“Daniel Garcia is light-years beyond his age. He’s just shy of half my age, and I can only compare him to when I was that young. He’s in a better spot than when I was that age. Everything builds off a great foundation, and he’s very fundamentally sound. He’s trained by Pepper Parks [AEW wrestler The Blade], who is an excellent f—— wrestler. He’s respectful, he listens, and he’s not corny and doesn’t kiss a–. Everything I possibly want in a wrestler on a television show.”

“Daniel Garcia, myself, Alex Shelley and Minoru Suzuki, those are four names you could place in four different generations of professional wrestling. Minoru Suzuki, and then me, and I was in Ring of Honor when Alex Shelley was the next generation. His f—— stable was Generation Next for Christ’s sake. He was like the next guy. And now that’s Daniel Garcia. It’s crazy.”

CM Punk Continues To Praise AEW

Praising All Elite

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Since his arrival at AEW, CM Punk has been extremely positive about his experience in the promotion. And it seems that Punk continues praising his new wrestling home.

“It hits me on a different level for a lot of reasons. I’m not the kind to stand in the back and wait to go out. I’m running around backstage and I’m mingling. There’s a group of people, with their faces constantly changing, always around. And just seeing the look on their faces, that hits me right in the chest.

Punk definitely got his love for wrestling back since arriving in AEW. This became even clearer when he continued to talk about the promotion and his experience with fans.

“Wrestling is different. You’re not supposed to be a ‘mark’ and you’re not supposed to take pictures with someone you share a locker room with. The culture is different in AEW. I get excited when Adam Cole’s music hits. I think he can see that on my face. There is an excitement in the locker room, and then I see the fans, and it’s amazing. Every new city I go to, these people haven’t seen me in seven years. It’s like Aug. 20 all over again for me.”

The sky’s the limit for CM Punk. And with a rumored return for his wife AJ Lee, it seems the wrestling universe is finally giving the couple the respect they deserved.

I cannot wait to see what is in store for us wrestling fans next.