changes coming for jeff hardy
source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

It’s been teased before, so is change coming for Jeff Hardy finally? Plus, WWE Superstars react to the latest NXT debut.

Change Coming For Jeff Hardy

If you caught his in-ring promo on the draft edition of RAW, you may have asked: is change coming for Jeff Hardy?

Specifically…could fans finally see his Willow persona in WWE?

Hardy, just before he got attacked by Austin Theory, teased changes as he moves over to SmackDown in a couple weeks.

Willow is one persona many fans know about, but Hardy has never broken it out in WWE.

In recent years, Jeff has been open about what he wants to do before his latest run with WWE wraps up (at which point many expect he will join his brother in AEW).

changes coming for jeff hardy

source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

For one example, Jeff Hardy said he made a big deal about getting to bring back his old theme music. That happened.

Now, about that teaser comment from RAW?

Change could be coming for Jeff Hardy. 

The WWE Superstar spoke with a North Carolina-based show about his current happenings. The topic of Willow came up, and things got interesting.

Without confirming Willow was coming, Hardy did confirm he was having a new Willow mask made.

Now, to be blunt, any wrestler can have a mask made. This alone does not mean that the mask is going to be used while they are wherever they are currenly.

So…that he is having a new mask made is interesting. However it does not guarantee that the mask is for Hardy while in WWE.

With that said though, considering the teaser and Jeff Hardy’s contract status…it seems like a safe bet that change is coming for Hardy, in the form of Willow.

Superstars React To Latest NXT Debut

While one Superstar is on the downside of his career, another is just starting. And, with that, let’s see Superstars react to the latest NXT debut.

For the October 5th episode of NXT 2.0, the advertised debut was for Tony D’Angelo.

We can ignore the questionable use of the Italian-American and mafia tones for this one. 

wwe superstars react to nxt debut

source: custom, Tony D’Angelo wwe twitter screenshot

Regardless of the gimmick, Tony D’Angelo can go…and a number of WWE Superstars, on all brands, took the time to comment.

Side note before the comments…it’s pretty dang cool to see some main roster talent regularly watching NXT.

Top Dolla had a little more fun with the new NXT talent, as did the boss of Diamond Mine.

For me, I didn’t know what to expect. After the debut, it’s clear that the former amateur wrestler is skilled and is also generating a strong buzz.

It’s another week, and another good in-ring debut for a fresh NXT 2.0 Superstar.