Chad Gable Got A Masters Degree During The Pandemic

Chad Gable

Alpha Academy member Chad Gable is an on and off again contender in the tag team division. Working together with Otis, the two former amateur wrestlers are bad guys who use their superior strength and wrestling prowess to bully opponents. Gable hasn’t been on TV much nor has WWE given him a major title shot in the last year and a half.

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And while we can speculate on the reason being he is too short or not charismatic, there might be a simpler reason. He has spent the last 18 months working on a Master’s degree.

The former Olympian revealed that he received a Master’s Degree through Full Sail University.

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Chad Gable Graduated With A Masters In Media Design

Gable used his passion for design and animation to advance himself. He earned a Bachelor’s in 2010 and graduated in October 2021 with a Masters’s of Fine Arts in Media Design.

Gable thanked the WWE, the US Olympic Committee, and the Comanche Nation for their scholarship help.

Not only that, but he and his wife welcomed a third child to the family.

Jeez, Chad. I thought I had a busy pandemic with acting classes and learning to make every Tiki cocktail.

Some people are just driven to success and hit goals.

Congrats Chad, I know a lot of people in and out of the ring are very proud of you.

Wrestlers With Advanced Degrees

Gable isn’t the first wrestling superstar with an advanced degree. Wrestling is temporary and it’s smart to plan for a life outside the ring. Here are a few wrestlers with degrees and careers beyond wrestling.

Xavier Woods

Woods has a Master’s degree in education and is working towards a Ph.D. in Education Psychology. So that’s Dr. King of the Ring Xaiver Woods to you!

George “The Animal” Steele

While known as a mongrel in the ring who would eat the turnbuckle, in real life George Steele (Real name William Myers)  had a master’s in education and taught high school and coached football for a lot of his life.

Davey Richards

The Impact and Ring of Honor star originally tried to become a doctor and worked as a paramedic following a brief retirement from wrestling

David Otunga

Not only is he a lawyer on TV, but Otunga is also a practicing attorney in New York City.

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