Batista: WWE People Didn’t Like Me, AEW Star Signs Long Extension

Batista WWE People Like
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While he’s now enjoying Hollywood gigs, Batista had a nice career in the WWE back in the days. He also seemingly made life-long friendships. However, that wasn’t always the case in the early years at the company.

Batista: WWE People Didn’t Like Me

Dave Bautista recently interviewed with Men’s Health. During the chat, the 52-year-old reveals some interesting insight into how he felt when he first entered the WWE.

According to Bautista, he was constantly worrying about a possible release. He notes the environment was quite “toxic” back then.

As Dave relays, wrestling is quite “competitive” and “cutthroat”. He notes that superstars are placed in a position where they must “posture up” all the time.

According to Bautista, it was very exhausting. He also adds he didn’t feel comfortable with the WWE during this time.

More On Batista Thinking WWE People Didn’t Like Him

He was constantly concerned about not gaining the support of individuals outside and inside the WWE. Bautista notes that this very thought “plagued” his mind.

Dave states that he couldn’t get “comfortable” and that “people didn’t like” him. He adds that the company didn’t know what to do with him, and where he “fit” in.

Batista originally worked within Ohio Valley Wrestling, the WWE’s developmental territory. In 2002, he made his main roster debut.

Sometime later, he became a part of Evolution. Along with Randy Orton, HHH, and “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, the stable created a stir with incredible matches and storylines.

After two years with the faction, Batista turned to singles competition. He enjoyed a tremendous amount of success.

Batista did it all during his career. He was WWE champion twice, World Heavyweight Champ four times, won the Royal Rumble twice, and held WWE Tag Titles four times.

Over to the land of AEW, some good news for a popular talent. A superstar recently has signed a five-year extension with the promotion.

AEW Star Signs Long Extension

Scorpio Sky recently sat down with PW Insider. During the interview, he talks about the growth AEW has undergone under Tony Khan.

Batista WWE People Like

Source: WrestlePurist, Twitter, Screenshot

He gave kudos to Khan for his vision and staying true to it. The superstar believes this led to some incredible TV moments.

Sky notes that Tony is a “special kind” of man. He also states he “wish he knew” what made him “tick”.

Scorpio Sky also states that Khan has an eye for talent. He notes that Tony loves the wrestling business and this shines through his work.

Sky adds this was evident from day one. Plus, Scorpio believes that Khan isn’t in this business to make money, rather it’s because he loves it so much.

He reveals in the interview that this is why people can get “behind” Tony. When he walks on stage, everyone bows, cheers, and chants his name.

Five More Years …

Sky states it’s because he’s offering fans what they want. He notes that Khan is a very smart guy.

Scorpio Sky also loves working for Tony Khan, in general. During the chat with PW Insider, he states that Khan has shown faith in him.

This is something that Sky truly appreciates. Plus, he confirms that he signed an AEW contract extension, recently.

The deal was sealed back in September during the All Out buy-in show. Sky confirmed it was a five-year extension, during the interview.

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