AEW Easily Outselling WWE In Tickets, Superstar Wants To Turn Heel

AEW Outselling WWE Tickets
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WWE and AEW will be in Long Island next month, but one promotion is easily outselling the other when it comes to tickets. Plus, a notable Superstar wants to turn heel.

AEW Easily Outselling WWE In Tickets

Ahead of the company’s return to Long Island in November, WWE makes a bold move.

Or, if we are being nice, it is a bold move. Some might see it as a bit more desperate.

If you don’t want to call it a bold move, or a move out of desperation…well if nothing else, it is certainly reactionary.

We’ve talked before about how WWE and AEW are both running shows in the new arena on Long Island, and around the same timeframe.

AEW ticket sales have gone quite well. WWE’s sales?

They have not. Hence why we are calling what happens now a bold move.

wwe makes bold move

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WWE has slashed ticket prices for the November 29th episode of RAW. 

That comes to us via Twitter account WrestleTix.

At the same time, AEW’s upcoming event from the same arena is nearly sold out.

So, WWE is looking to see if lower prices will motivate some fans to come out.

It is worth diving in somewhat. WWE “only” has 7100 tickets listed, per WrestleTix estimates. Of that, less than half were sold as of Sunday.

On the other hand, AEW lists an event total of 9699, and have already sold more than WWE’s event total.

This could be due to stage configuration, or any number of other factors. Either way, for both shows, the ticket total seems low.

For perspective, the arena is designed to hold roughly 18,500 fans for certain events.

It is notable because, for the longest time, WWE has considered the New York metro area it’s home turf. 

While Madison Square Garden may always be seen as WWE’s home arena, Long Island is not that far away from Stamford either.

If AEW is beating the company in it’s “home market”, at least in ticket sales, it is something else for WWE to notice.

We will see soon enough if the bold move WWE made pays off.

Superstar Wants To Turn Heel

There have been a lot of changes in WWE, and now a Superstar wants to turn heel.

It isn’t enough for him to change brands. Jeff Hardy has already teased bringing in a new persona too.

And now, per reports, the Superstar wants to turn heel.

Hardy spoke on the Out of Character podcast, and expressed his desire to make the change.

Honestly, I can’t say I hate the idea. The timing could actually be perfect for it.

AEW Outselling WWE Tickets

source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

If done well, WWE could actually give SmackDown a top mid-card heel to work with.

Consider how much flak WWE has taken for Hardy’s booking of late. 

The Superstar, long a fan favorite, has come close to winning a title several times in recent years…but never actually won.

During his last couple segments on RAW, he was used to put over Austin Theory. And, oh yeah, had his match interrupted by the 24/7 Championship side show.

Put a couple of those factors together, and why not have Hardy bring in his Willow persona, as a heel, and make a run for a blue brand title?

Considering WWE has given him some of what he’s asked for in his current run…why not let the Superstar turn heel, too?