Weird Facts About WWE Chairman Vince McMahon
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For our weekly feature, we take a look at some weird facts about WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. If you thought Vince McMahon was strange before, this should not change your mind one little bit.

Vince McMahon Has An Issue With Sneezing

Vince McMahon Weird Facts WWE

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One of the weird facts about Vince McMahon is that the Chairman has serious issues with sneezing. While it is a weird fact, the entire wrestling world knows about it.

Vince’s daughter Stephanie once explained why Vince has such a problem with sneezing.

“He hates sneezing because it’s involuntary and he cannot control it. He hates sneezing. It’s anyone, but especially when it’s him.”

Well, it seems that Vince rightfully earned his reputation as a control freak. Sneezing may be a normal bodily function, but Vince definitely has an issue with it.

He Stole An Executive’s Shoes

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Never leave nice shoes laying around when Vince McMahon is nearby. In fact, the Chairman once stole the shoes of an NBC executive. 

During a birthday party, the NBC executive said something to Vince he didn’t quite like. Vince decided to get revenge.

As the party was at a bowling alley, Vince stole the executive’s shoes. He called him up the next day and told him “That’s what you get pal.”

So, if you ever upset Vince McMahon, make sure that you keep your shoes close. Otherwise, Vince may be taking them home.

Vince Fought Kofi Kingston

Vince McMahon Weird Facts WWE

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During a trip on a plane, Vince McMahon once came to blows with Kofi Kingston. Things heated up considerably after Vince told him “One day you’ll get over.”

Chris Jericho recalled this confrontation in one of his books. According to Jericho, Kingston believed it was all a big joke, until the two came to blows.

Jericho explained how Vince McMahon wants his wrestlers to prove himself. This led to an altercation between Kingston and McMahon.

Kingston would confront McMahon about the comments. The two would have an altercation verbally and physically on the plane.

In the end, McMahon respected Kingston for sticking up for himself. From then on, he started having more trust in the superstar.

Vince Had An Accident, But Went Out To The Audience Anyway

Triple H and Vince

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Another one of the weird facts about Vince McMahon actually happened during a live show. And it is an embarrassing one.

However, the show must go on. And this is something that Vince knows all too well.

Jim Ross once recalled a story about Vince McMahon, who tried to play a practical joke on Jerry Briscoe.

At the time, Briscoe had some stomach issues. McMahon thought it would be funny to fart in front of him.

Unfortunately, Vince tried a little too hard as the chairman had an accident just as his music hit to head out. Nevertheless, Vince continued with the show and went out with a brown stain on his trousers.

In conclusion, Vince is the ultimate showman, even if he embarrasses himself doing it.

Another Plane Incident

Weird Facts About Vince McMahon wWE

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A lot of the weird facts about Vince McMahon happen on a plane. This is certainly the case for the following story.

Once, Vince tried to wrestle Kurt Angle during a flight. The story was recalled by Kurt Angle himself in one of his books.

“The quintessential alpha male, Vince McMahon always liked to prove himself, even against Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle. On a plane ride, Vince decided to sneak up behind Angle and take him down amateur-style, starting an impromptu match in the aisle. The ruckus woke a sleeping Undertaker who, seeing his boss about to get put in his place, sprang into action and took out Angle before he knew what hit him. That’s company loyalty.”

The moral of the story? Vince McMahon always wins, albeit with a little cheating involved.

Vince Took Multiple Finishers


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Vince McMahon is not opposed to wrestling while intoxicated. In fact, the boss once took several finishers while he was drunk.

Bret Hart recalled the story. The incident happened in a bar in San Antonio.

“All of a sudden I turned around and Jim [Neidhart] had Vince in the bearhug for The Hart Foundation move. I just remember Hogan and a bunch of guys looking at me like, “Are you going to do it? Or are you just going to do a powderpuff one too?” I just took his head off. I just took straight off. Clotheslined Vince right in the bar. Took him right to the ground. I remember our heads both banging on the cement carpet. I can remember Vince looking at me while we were both on the ground. He turned his head to me and I was just lying flat right beside him.”

“With that move, that flying clothesline I used to do the only way to do it is you’ve got to swing your legs up in the air and land on your back shoulder blades so you don’t get hurt. Same with Vince. I pulled him down. I protected his head and everything but we landed with a pretty good thud on the ground. Vince looked at me and he said, “You owe me a drink!”

To make matters worse, Vince also peed on Ric Flair’s hotel room floor that night. So, keep Vince away from alcohol.

The Candy Man

The Candy Man

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Vince McMahon is not impartial to a practical joke. Once again, this one takes place on a plane.

The following story was told by Mr. Kennedy from reddit:

“We were on our way over to Iraq, which is a really, really long flight. And we were actually flying from Newfoundland to Ramstein air force base in Germany. This is like twelve hours into the flight, people passed out and lots of alcohol consumed. It was a C17 transport plane, a big, wide open plane. People are scattered all over the place. 90% of the people were sleeping. Vince, a sixty-five year old billionaire, was low-crawling around being super stealthy with a bag of hard candies tucked under his arm. He’d hide behind something, pop his head up, throw a candy at their face, then pop down again. They’d wake up, look around and see nothing then go back to sleep. Then he’d pop up and do it again. Just kept doing it”

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