Should Jeff Hardy Switch To AEW After His WWE Contract Ends?

Jeff Hardy Contract To AEW?
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Jeff Hardy chose WWE to sign his new contract, but could he head to AEW after it. This is the burning question many wrestling fans have. 

Of course, most fans believe Jeff is better off at AEW at this point. But what are some of the most given reasons for it.

Biggest Benefit Of Jeff Hardy Signing AEW Contract?

Jeff Hardy Contract To AEW

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There are many reasons why I want Jeff Hardy to sign an AEW contract. However, the biggest reason is undoubtedly a reunion with his brother Matt.

While I loved the daredevil Hardy Boyz from the Attitude Era, I loved the broken Hardy’s just as much.

The Broken gimmick was arguably one of the best gimmicks to come out this decade. Unfortunately, WWE never really did a lot with it.

When Matt and Jeff returned to WWE, it seemed like the Broken gimmick would soon gain traction. But somehow, it ended faster than it actually began.

If Matt and Jeff ended up on the same roster again, the reunited brothers could do loads with the broken gimmick.

The wrestling universe still love the Broken gimmick. However, it has not been used recently due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Matt said the Broken gimmick is dependent on the wrestling universe being present in the arena. With the crowds returning, it is possible that the Broken gimmick will return.

For now, Matt runs his HFO or Hardy Family Office. It remains to be seen if that gimmick continues if Jeff were to chose AEW over WWE in the future. 

How Else Could Jeff Benefit?


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There are more benefits for Jeff Hardy if he were to switch to AEW. Of course, the most dominant benefit is that he would gain access to new feuds.

At AEW, there are plenty of young talent that could benefit from a match with Jeff Hardy. Three people that immediately spring to mind include Darby Allin, MJF, and Jungle Boy.

Hardy would also be treated very differently in AEW. Most veterans who stepped foot in the promotion have been treated like legends.

Jeff mentioned he is thinking about retirement in previous interviews. Now, it depends on how he would prefer to retire. 

If he retires in the WWE, chances are his last feuds won’t be much to write home about. On the other hand, AEW could give him a proper retirement feud.

Nothing stops Jeff Hardy from lending his experience to AEW as well. There are several veterans who contribute to the current AEW product.

There is nothing that beats experience. AEW also needs to build some new stars for tomorrow, and Jeff could advise someone.

Darby Allin currently falls under the tutelage of Sting. However, his entire persona is quite reminiscent of a young Jeff Hardy.

Jeff’s experience could be extremely valuable for guys like Allin. Of course, it could be valuable for countless other wrestlers as well.

Time will tell if Jeff is considering AEW at all, or if he will retire in WWE. Of course, we all hope that Jeff will give All Elite a chance.

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