Renee Paquette Hints At AEW Move After Compete Clause Expires

Renee Paquette AEW move after non-compete clause expires
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Renee Paquette no longer has to consider her non-compete clause and is now thinking about moving to to AEW. The former WWE announcer hinted at this during a recent interview.

Will Renee Paquette Move To AEW Now Her Non-Compete Clause Is Over?

Renee Paquette AEW Move After Non-Compete Clause Expiry

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

For months, people have been speculating about the future of Renee Young. While she has run her podcast successfully, some wonder if she might end up at AEW.

Even during her non-compete clause, Paquette continued to get involved in the wrestling industry. And Oral Sessions is undoubtedly one of the most successful wrestling podcasts out there.

Renee has not ruled out working for a wrestling promotion again. At least, her statements during her recent interview seem to indicate that.

“I’m definitely open to the idea, I miss pro wrestling, I miss being involved in the pro wrestling world, in that capacity, but I don’t know what that job would be or what my role could be within AEW. We could probably rattle off a couple different ideas of things to do, and as AEW is growing, as their broadcasts are growing, as they’re adding on new shows, I think there’s definitely a role.”

I would not rule out a move for Renee Paquette at all. If anything, she is one of the most recognizable characters where pro wrestling announcers and commentators are concerned.

It remains to be seen if Tony Khan has a role for Paquette moving forward. Either way, it would be nice to see her at the announce desk again.

Renee Paquette’s Other Projects

Renee Young

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Paquette may have been under a no-compete clause, but she hasn’t been sitting still. If anything, she has plenty of projects in the works.

As expected, Paquette also seemed quite happy her non-compete clause was finally over. When asked about her plans, Paquette had the following to say.

“I think I’m free and clear. I can be at Bloodsport. I’m gonna be at Bloodsport. Everyone better buckle up and hold on to their asses. I’ll fight anyone, except for Miesha. I won’t fight Miesha.”

Paquette is currently planning to start a new podcast alongside Miesha Tate. This immediately explains the statements made by Renee.

In addition to all the podcasts Renee has been involved in, she has also been busy with her cookbooks. Of course, this does not rule out a return to the pro wrestling industry.

With Oral Sessions, Renee stayed connected to her fanbase. And in spite of a lengthy non-compete, fans definitely have not forgotten her.

She was one of the first females to ever stand out on the commentary table. And while women have commentated before, there was nothing quite like the success story of Renee.

Renee left WWE pretty much in the highlight of her career. To this day, I am sure that was the right decision for her given how the wrestling landscape has changed.

Still, there is more for Renee to do. So, why not have her continue where she left off at AEW?

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