Plans For Adam Cole In AEW, Candice LeRae Contract News

plans for adam cole
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Now that he’s on board, it’s time to talk about future plans for Adam Cole in AEW. And, why not cover some Candice LeRae contract news too.

Plans For Adam Cole In AEW

With the former NXT Superstar now working nights other than Tuesdays…what are the plans for Adam Cole in AEW?

It is a fair question, and one recently covered by the Wrestling Observer.

At the moment, Adam Cole is aligned with The Elite in AEW.

That part makes sense, he has worked with those talents elsewhere.

plans for adam cole in aew

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However, while everything looks dandy now…the report indicates to not get too comfortable with things as they are.

If AEW chooses to do so-and there is no reason not to-the past history between Cole and the faction may get re-visited. Specifically, where they “killed” Cole off, before he left for NXT.

With that in mind, the Observer report reminds us…when Cole debuted at All Out, fans popped for him. A face pop, if you will.

However, he is currently working as a heel-something he did for most of his time in NXT.

Expect that to change. It is not hard to envision the union being a short term one.

Especially when you consider how attractive a match between Adam Cole and Kenny Omega would be. Plus, the unfinished history…

There have been hints about such a match happening down the road. With Adam Cole in AEW now, there’s no reason not to consider any number of now-possible dream matches.

So, it seems plans for Adam Cole in AEW will eventually lead to a major clash with Kenny Omega. Of course, plans change, so we shall see how and when things unfold.

Candice LeRae Contract News

It seems we are always discussing the contract status of WWE Superstars lately…so let’s talk about Candice LeRae contract news!

The NXT Superstar, currently not actively wrestling as she is expecting her first child in a few months, does have a contract expiration coming up.

However, according to Fightful Select, it is not as imminent as other Superstars.

candice lerae contract news

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Specifically, it does not have the same end date as her husband, Johnny Gargano’s. Johnny Wrestling’s contract expires before the end of 2021.

Candice LeRae’s contract, however, is slated to run through at least 2022, though it is not yet clear when.

WWE does have the option to freeze her contract, as they do with Superstars who miss time for a variety of reasons.

As of now, the company has not done so. While LeRae cannot wrestle, she’s still been regularly on NXT television.

There was no indication if there were plans to freeze her contract once she takes her leave to have the couple’s first child.