Pete Dunne Hints AEW Interest, WWE Superstar “Jealous” After All Out

Pete Dunne AEW Interest
Source: Pro Wrestling Finess, Twitter, Screenshot

Like Adam Cole, Pete Dunne has an interesting situation with his WWE contract. It was set to expire, but the company provided a new one at SummerSlam. Nothing has been confirmed. Recently, he hinted at interest in AEW.

Pete Dunne Hints AEW Interest

Reports indicate Pete Dunne was presented with a new WWE contract. However, no confirmation of signing, as of yet.


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His situation was similar to Adam Cole’s. This is pretty relevant since Cole debuted on AEW’s All Out this weekend.

Former WWE Bryan Danielson also showed up. Could Pete Dunne be the next to follow?

Pete Dunne Hints AEW Interest On Instagram

On the morning of AEW’s major pay-per-view (PPV), Dunne added a new Instagram post. It was a photo of him with Adam Cole.

The caption teases he might want to be All Elite, too. See post, above.

Will Pete Dunne join AEW? Currently, NXT is positioning the superstar as a top heel.

Still, the developmental brand is going through changes right now. Is this somewhere where Dunne will still fit in well?

Only time will tell. He may want to accept the contract he’s been given or move on to greener pastures.

Pete Dunn has been with the WWE since 2016. During that time, he’s held the NXT UK Championship and NXT Tag Titles.

Meanwhile, there’s another WWE superstar with a reaction to AEW’s All Out. Except he seems quite green with envy.

WWE Superstar “Jealous” After All Out

Cedric Alexander is a WWE superstar currently on Monday Night RAW. After the All Out PPV, he posted a series of tweets.

Pete Dunne AEW Interest

Source: Happy Goat God, Twitter, Screenshot

The talent was clearly “jealous” of another performer during All Out. But, maybe that envy was a good thing.

Alexander’s tweets point to his wife, Big Swole. She participated in the Women’s Casino Battle Royal and won.

Interestingly enough, former WWE superstar Ruby Riott, now Ruby Soho, debuted during the match. She was one of many talents that amazed fans by becoming “All Elite” that night.

Proud or Jealous?

Some believe that Cedric’s Twitter post implies that AEW is the “place to be” for wrestlers right now. His posts might also be sweet kudos to his wife and her talent.

Not to mention the fact that the match was a good one. Still, Alexander has been on a losing streak as of late.

He was once a former RAW Tag Titleholder. Now he is seen on Main Event.

His last match on Monday Night RAW was the July 5th edition. He was in a team with Elias, who lost to R-Truth and Jaxson Ryker.

The last time he won on RAW was May 31. This was in a match against Shelton Benjamin.

Another interesting thing to note. Alexander also posted on Twitter after Bryan Danielson debuted.

He’d write, “Well damn …”. See post above.

Cedric Alexander hit the WWE in 2016, entering 205 LIVE. During his time, he’s been 24/7 Champ (twice), Cruiserweight Champion, and RAW Tag Team Champion.

That doesn’t mean he’ll be with the company forever. Could he be All Elite, too, one day?