Paul Wight Explains The Difference Between AEW And WWE Production

Paul Wight Explains Difference between WWE and AEW Production
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Since Paul Wight worked for both AEW and WWE, he knows the difference between the production of each promotion. In a recent interview, Wight revealed just how different each promotion is.

Paul Wight States How AEW and WWE Production Is Different?

Paul Wight AEW WWE Production Difference

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During his interview, Wight – The Big Show – did not have anything particularly bad to say about the WWE. In fact, he referred to each of the promotions as “amazing.”

However, where production is concerned, it is quite different. Wight said the following about the production in each promotion.

“I think both products are amazing, I just think they’re different products. I think WWE is always going to be that entertainment, sports spectacle. That global brand that they worked so hard to be. AEW is more of an authentic wrestling product, you know? There’s not 15-20 writers backstage in AEW.”

“If you have a promo, you have a promo, and if you have a match, you have a match,” Paul explained. “There’s not as much upper-level handling on what they want during the match and what they’re trying to present for the extra property they own. Even for me, I’m doing Paul Wight but I’ve never had as much freedom as I do now in AEW doing this. Before, when I was in WWE as Big Show, it was a committee to get anything done.”

Things are easier in AEW for wrestlers, and it shows in promotion morale. It also explains why many pro wrestlers have moved away from the WWE as their end destination.

What Advice Does Paul Wight Have For New Talent?

Tony Schiavone

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Paul Wight has many years of experience. And it is this experience many young talent could benefit from in years to come.

During his interview, Wight was asked about the advice he gives to new talent. Fortunately for us, Wight had no problems sharing his experience with the world.

“I’ve been through every battle, and every kind of angle, and every heel turn, and face turn, and heel turn again. So, you know, any time I can help some of the younger guys and gals on their journey– the business is evolving, too. It’s one thing I tell them, too: ‘This business is interpreted. It’s all art. We all do the same basic things in the same basic form, but you have to be human. You have to be authentic. You have to make that connection to the audience however you do it. And once you do that, it becomes a lot of fun.’”

Wrestling characters are no longer what they were years ago. And it seems that Wight has a very good understanding of this as well.

AEW being more authentic has certainly hit home with the fans. Also, the lack of script writers backstage has certainly made the brand stand out at well.

All Elite is more spontaneous and free. And I believe it is this that wrestling fans are now responding too.

As the wrestling promotion grows, I hope that the promotion continues in this direction. 

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