Mick Foley Has WWE Heat, Adam Cole Names Ideal AEW Opponent

Mick Foley WWE Heat
Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter, Screenshot

Mick Foley has heat with WWE because of comments criticizing the product. Also, Adam Cole is looking forward to stepping inside an AEW ring with the promising Jungle Boy.

Mick Foley Has WWE Heat

Mick Foley is not known to keep silent when he feels something is unjust. Therefore, he frequently leaves message on social media about what he likes and does not like on TV.

A recent remark from the WWE Hall of Famer warned that AEW is becoming a real threat. This, and some other remarks, have caught the eye of WWE.

During the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, Andrew Zarian noted how there is some heat on Foley. Zarian continued how WWE has an unwritten rule about not badmouthing the company.

Foley is allowed to speak his mind and frequently makes excellent points. He questioned why, like many other fans, WWE was not properly building Karrion Kross and Keith Lee.

For now, WWE might be upset with what Foley stated. But, in pro wrestling, nothing goes on forever.

Adam Cole Names Ideal AEW Opponent

Source: Izzy, Twitter, Screenshot

Over the weekend, WWE lost two top wrestlers as they officially debuted for AEW. Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson closed All Out, which got plenty of attention.

The move continues to show that AEW is a legit threat to WWE.

Now, with Cole there, so many first time matches are possible. In particular, Cole has his eyes on the promising 24 year old Jungle Boy.

“There are definitely some people I’m looking forward to stepping into the ring with,” said Cole during the All Out post-media scrum. “Number one is the gentleman that I kicked tonight and that’s Jungle Boy.”

“He is an incredibly talented young man with a huge future and a guy I would love to kick in the face again.”

At All Out, Cole appeared in the closing segment. Oddly enough, he delivered a superkick to none other than Jungle Boy.

Already, AEW has planted the seed for that feud. And, what a great pairing.

Cole has made a name for himself, but he is still young and could easily go another 15 years. As for Jungle Boy, AEW has been booking him like a future world champion within a few years.

WWE were never going to properly push Cole like in NXT. Apparently, they were going to make him a heel manager on the main roster for Keith Lee.

Oddly enough, Lee defeated Cole to end his year plus reign as NXT World Champion. Currently, Lee is not on TV and as WWE debates turning him into a monster heel.

But, that never happened as Cole’s contract expired right after Takeover 36.