Gina Carano: ‘People’s Champs’ Were Nick Diaz And Brian Ortega

While she might be long gone from the MMA world, Gina Carano still follows the sport.

Over the weekend, Carano was one of the thousands out there tuning in and watching UFC 266 take place.

And she was provided quite the pair of battles. 

The card featured the long-awaited return of Nick Diaz, as he fell to Robbie Lawler. In the main event, Brian Ortega was denied by Alexander Volkanovski for the title.

And while both Diaz and Ortega left the Octagon with a loss, they left with the respect of many – including Carano.

“I think you’ve got the fighters who won the fight and you’ve got The People’s Champ where you just don’t care whether they win or lose,” Carano posted on Twitter. “It’s just a pleasure to see certain people in the cage.

“Nick Diaz and Brian Ortega were the people’s champ (Saturday). Against great opponents.”

Ortega pushed Volkanovski for five rounds and 25 minutes, nearly securing several submissions despite being left bloody and bruised. 

Diaz, who has not fought in six years, fell to Lawler in a rematch between the veteran fighters.

Carano also showed her excitement for the fight between Diaz and Lawler before it happened.

Carano was one of the biggest stars in MMA at a time when female fighting was just taking off. She went 7-1, suffering her first loss in her last fight in 2009.

That epic finale was against Cris Cyborg and headlined Strikeforce’s card from San Jose for the inaugural featherweight title.

Since leaving MMA, Carano has been featured in several movies and television shows including Haywire, Fast and Furious 6, Deadpool and The Mandalorian.