Giga Chikadze Offers Pick For UFC 266 Main Event Fight

Giga Chikadze was set to be an alternate at UFC 266 this Saturday.

Chikadze told Submission Radio that he was pulled from that role for the main event. That fight features Alexander Volkanovski defending vs. Brian Ortega.

And Chikadze believes the champion, Volkanovski, will walk out with the title.

“That’s a good fight, very interesting,” he said. “Looks like Brian did big changes after his loss. Something tell some that Alex can win the fight.

“I believe he’s more of the unbreakable guy, and we’ve seen what happened to Brian with Max.”

Regardless, Chikadze feels someone else is the uncrowned champion in the featherweight division. 

“I don’t think so, I think he (Alex) lost the last fight. I think he lost with Max his last fight. But yeah, he’s a good fighter. He’s a very, very strong fighter. But for me the champion today is Max. That’s all I can say about it.

“I think Max would be an even easier fight for me. I know the weakness of Max more. I didn’t really study much Alex. I mean, he’s such short fighter, I’m gonna have a lot of advantages. This is what I believe. I know a lot of people are gonna say this and that, but I think that’s a great match-up for me.”