Disturbing Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty Story, Harry Smith’s Status

Shawn Michaels Marty Jannetty
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The latest Dark Side of the Ring episode has plenty of people upset, with a disturbing story about Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty now making the rounds. Also, there seems to be uncertainty about what is going on with Harry Smith.

Disturbing Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty Story

There was plenty of wrestling this week between WWE, AEW and Impact Wrestling. Still, something else stole all the headlines over the past few days.

The second part of season three for Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring aired. That episode featured The Plane Ride From Hell, which saw WWE superstars get unruly on a long flight.

There were a few big takeaways from the episode with Brock Lesnar, Ric Flair, Jim Ross, Scott Hall and Tommy Dreamer not coming off well. In fact, Dreamer was suspend by Impact Wrestling for joking about Flair’s behavior.

During the flight, Flair was wearing only his robe. Then, at one point, he cornered a female stewardess allegedly and wanted her to touch his penis.

The woman took part in the episode and went over the event. As expected, she was very upset and rightful so if that happened.

Also during the episode, halcions or H-Bombs were mentioned. Apparently, the drug was well known by the locker room. 

This led to an old shoot interview with Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake surfacing. Beefcake stated that The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) used them on women.

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake Gives His Side Of The Story

“Listen, the Rockers loved those halcions,” said Beefcake. “They freakin — boom — they’d drop them on all the broads and then they’d get them back to their room.” 

“They’d pass out and then [The Rockers] would take the laundry off and they’d have a good time with them and then throw them out in the hallway s— naked. Needless to say, they got in trouble in a few hotels.”

So far, neither Michaels or Jannetty have responded to the claims. Jannetty has been social media, but he is posting odd comments about being “white in a black club.”

The Rockers were known for their partying back in the day. We will have to see if WWE takes any action against Michels as Jannetty is not employed by them.

As for Flair, the latest Dark Side of the Ring episode could mean AEW will not sign him. AEW is known to take accusations much more seriously than WWE.

Harry Smith’s Status

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WWE signed Harry Smith and he worked some dark matches. It looked like he was headed for TV, with NXT UK being a rumored destination.

Although, he has disappeared according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Nowadays, he is not even seen backstage.

For those unaware, this is Smith’s second run in WWE. The first one saw him find the most success teaming with Tyson Kidd.

He is the son of the late WWE Hall of Famer the British Bulldog, so there is legacy present. WWE simply needs to find the right brand for him.

Perhaps, they are waiting for the draft next month to assign him a brand.

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