Could Allegations Cost Ric Flair, Tommy Dreamer Suspended From Impact

allegations cost ric flair wwe aew
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The popular series Dark Side of the Ring aired it’s latest episode, and now we have to ask: could certain allegations cost Ric Flair a shot with AEW, as that episode caused Tommy Dreamer to be suspended from Impact.

Could Allegations Cost Ric Flair

In the aftermath of the latest episode of Dark Side of the Ring, could fresh allegations cost Ric Flair his presumed opportunity with AEW?

It is an interesting question, and one which fans are waiting to find out the answer to.

This question pops up because the show just covered the much-discussed “Plane Ride From Hell” (also the name of the episode in question).

If you somehow were not aware of the sordid stories, the episode is worth a watch.

allegations cost ric flair wwe aew

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To give a quick summary, there was a chartered flight returning a load of WWE Superstars and staff from a European tour.

Crazy things happened, and we’ve heard many tales over the years. Some seemed crazier than the others…but this effort was perhaps the most thorough.

And it painted Ric Flair in a terrible light.

Specifically, one flight attendant recounted interactions with The Nature Boy that amount to sexual assault.

So, with the WWE Hall of Famer poised to join AEW…could these allegations cost Ric Flair that chance?

Fans are certainly imploring Tony Khan to think twice about the move.

That possibility might be the most major initial shoe to drop, but as other fans pointed out…the show revealed much worse questions.

Tommy Dreamer Suspended From Impact

Ric Flair might have been the most legendary name hit by that episode, but he wasn’t the only one. Tommy Dreamer is now suspended from Impact as a result of the episode.

So what did Dreamer do?

Well…remember that Ric Flair problem you might have read about? If not…scroll up.

tommy dreamer suspended from impact

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As bad a what Ric Flair did was…Tommy Dreamer effectively defended it.

In this day and age…in ANY day and age…we can’t allow that kind of behavior.

There is simply no excuse, no justification, for anyone to assault or harass someone. And it’s just as bad to defend that person, saying something like “boys will be boys”.

I have to wonder..would Tommy Dreamer be so dismissive of such actions if it happened to one of his own daughters?

One would hope not.

For now, Dreamer finds himself suspended indefinitely, per PWInsider. It’s worth wondering if the company may opt to cut all ties with Tommy Dreamer.

Beyond these two names, several other current and former talents had claims made against them. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens to someone like, say…Brock Lesnar.