CM Punk Arrival Has Done Wonders For AEW Morale, Says Ricky Starks

CM Punk has done wonders for AEW Morale According to Ricky Starks
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Ricky Starks revealed in a recent interview that the arrival of CM Punk has done wonders for AEW morale. With it, the promotion stands stronger than ever.

Ricky Starks Claims AEW Morale Is Better Than Ever Thanks To CM Punk

Ricky Starks AEW Morale CM Punk

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While you would think wrestlers would be jealous with the arrival of a major star, this does not seem to be the case at AEW. According to Ricky Starks, the arrival of CM Punk has been wonderful for the promotion.

“It’s been great. I know that he’s a hard worker and backstage, he’s very mindful of everyone and their matches and making sure he talks to them and critiques them. He’s very approachable too. Having Punk back there is a big morale boost. A big morale boost.” 

Last week, Punk also started a feud with Team Taz as a whole. So, it would appear that Starks could actually face Punk in the future.

However, there are other things on the list for Ricky Starks first.

“He called me out. I appreciate the spotlight there, but I’m tied up with Brian Cage right now. I have to get through that before I move on top Punk and see what he’s about. If it keeps drawing attention, Punk, keep my name in your mouth. Keep it going. I welcome it.”

Starks has been a most notable talent on Team Taz, but still needs to get into the main event picture. A feud with CM Punk could certainly put Starks on the main event map in the future.

Other New Arrivals

Bryan Danielson

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

CM Punk is not the only former WWE wrestler to arrive on the AEW roster. Other wrestlers have come before and after him.

Chris Jericho, Miro, Christian Cage, and even Bryan Danielson are some of the talents who made the move to AEW. You could argue that AEW is benefiting from WWE veteran experience.

Of course, there is a fanbase that comes with each wrestler to make the move. But in the end, AEW already had a fanbase thanks to its own hard work.

Every wrestler who joins the roster is a welcome addition at this point. It brings potential feuds forward we never imagined were possible.

However, I don’t believe we have seen the last influx of WWE wrestlers in AEW. Just look at the latest arrivals being Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson.

Kevin Owens is another star who is pegged to join AEW. And who knows, Sami Zayn may not be that far behind him.

AEW seems to be the promised land at the moment. However, AEW must be wary of its own talent.

The promotion became as big as it is by investing in new talent. Hopefully, they still get to showcase their abilities in spite of so much WWE talent joining the promotion.

After all, it would be sad to see talent such as Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin lost due to too many WWE veterans. But for now, AEW seems to be on top of things.

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