The Inner Circle Disband Chris Jericho
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In a recent interview with Stephanie Chase, Chris Jericho admitted he wanted the Inner Circle to disband respectfully earlier this year. However, he also talked about what makes the Inner Circle unique.

What Makes The Inner Circle Unique


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The Inner Circle is quite different from other factions, especially those in WWE. Sooner or later, somebody always turns. 

Evidently, this has not been the case for the Inner Circle. Jericho also elaborated on that during his interview.

“For me, I thought it was a good time for us to go our own way, but we can still do that without officially disbanding the band or breaking up the band. I love the fact that we’ve been a faction since day one in AEW and really never had fights amongst us. There has been a few minor things, but we never turned on each other. Half the group didn’t turn heel and half the group didn’t turn babyface and fight with each other. We never did that. I think that’s a pretty cool accomplishment, especially in wrestling because factions come and go quickly and it seems like they are put together just so they can break up and feud for two or three weeks. We never wanted to do that, we wanted to make it a long-term thing; five guys who like each other. We started as heels, we turned babyface together, and we all remain friends and on the same page. That’s the way I’d like to keep it.”

Chris Jericho’s faction shows no signs of slowing down. We could not be happier about it!

But what is next for the Inner Circle? And could a dangerous new faction become their ultimate challenge?

Chris Jericho Wanted To Disband The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle Disband Chris Jericho

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Chris Jericho wanted to disband the Inner Circle at Double or Nothing this year. However, Tony Khan had different ideas.

The wrestler described how everything was talked about before the pay-per-view.

“My idea was for us to respectfully disband and go on our own ways. Tony [Khan] didn’t want to do that. He said, ‘Why would you want to disband? You don’t have to be together all the time, but you’re still The Inner Circle.’ After this year, the whole storyline was based around MJF wanting to join, Wardlow is in the Inner Circle, The Pinnacle, five-on-five and that sort of thing. It was a well-told year-long story with the five of us. It’s good for us to go our own ways and not be in each other’s business every week. It’s good that we’re still aligned,”

Factions have played quite a strong role in AEW. After all, there are countless factions that currently make their rounds on the roster.

The Inner Circle as well as the Elite have been the most dominant factions. However, MJF and his faction Pinnacle have also made waves.

Factions are currently working in AEW. Of course, there are many other angles that could be done with the existing ones and other factions that could come forward.