Chris Jericho: Dynamite Will Beat RAW Soon, Big Jon Moxley Match Set

Chris Jericho Dynamite RAW
Source: William Powell, Twitter, Screenshot

In less than six months, Chris Jericho is certain AEW Dynamite will be better than WWE RAW in the ratings. Also, Jon Moxley vs Nick Gage finally has a date.

Chris Jericho: Dynamite Will Beat RAW Soon

After less than three years, AEW is doing better than ever. They have more hours of TV, the roster is adding major stars and fans seem happy.

WWE and AEW had a mini battle on Wednesday nights. In easy fashion, AEW Dynamite toppled WWE’s NXT.

Now, Dynamite runs against no competition as NXT switched nights. While speaking to Busted Open Radio, Chris Jericho made a bold claim that Dynamite will beat RAW ratings within the next few months.

“Sooner or later, we’re going to start beating RAW,” said Jericho. “It’s not going to be every week, but I bet you over the next 2-4 months, maybe 4-6, we’re going to start beating RAW.” 

“And that’s my prediction that I’m saying to you guys right here. The reason for that is we keep talking about the cool factor, but it’s the storytelling.” 

“We don’t panic and we don’t rush. Also, we live in our own world and we book accordingly.” 

“We book smartly. If you watch our show, it’s like watching the first three Star Wars episodes.” 

“One thing always leads to the next and sometimes you’ll see where the seeds were planted months earlier. But we always know what we want to do and where we want to go.”

AEW has stated they are not here to put WWE out of business. Instead, they are offering fans an alternative that is gaining steam.

With the recent arrivals of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (which should happen tonight), the tide is shifting. Jericho might be right that AEW will soon be matching RAW numbers.

It will be interesting to see how, or if, WWE can counter their competition. So far, WWE has been unable to slowdown AEW.

In fact, AEW seems to grow from WWE’s mistakes. 

Big Jon Moxley Match Set

Source: Jon Moxley Fan Source, Twitter, Screenshot

At GCW The Art of War Games, Matt Cardona defended his World Championship against Frank The Clown. The match was not long and somewhat of an easy win for Cardona

Then, G-Raver appeared with a bunch of druids. Cardona was able to knockdown all, except for one.

Under the hood was Jon Moxley, who hit Cardona with a paradigm shift onto light tubes to win the title. This was followed with Nick Gage getting in Moxley’s face.

Moxley and Gage are set for a deathmatch on October 9 from Jersey City, New Jersey.

Cardona won the title in a surprise move against Gage. After the bloody bout, fans littered the ring with garbage.

As for Moxley, he already has a past with Gage and a match has been teased for months. With Moxley working for AEW and Gage being impressive in his only appearance for the company, maybe the feud make it onto TV.