Bryan Danielson Says Thanks, NXT 2.0 Could Be Edgier

bryan danielson says thanks

In a classy move, Bryan Danielson says thanks to both WWE and it’s fans. Plus, for all the concern about the reboot, NXT 2.0 could be edgier than RAW or SmackDown.

Bryan Danielson Says Thanks

In what can only be called a classy move, Bryan Danielson says thanks to WWE and its fans, now that he has moved on to AEW.

Danielson was one of the most popular Superstars for basically his entire time with WWE. The company did not want to lose him, but his contract expired and he wanted to try something new.

Through all of his conversations since joining AEW, he has been nothing but gracious when talking about WWE.

Now, Bryan Danielson says thanks to WWE.

Danielson took to The Players Tribune and shared a lengthy and touching letter.

It is long, but very much worth the read.

bryan danielson says thanks

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Reading through, it is clear that Bryan Danielson says thanks and penned the note for a couple reasons.

One, as indicated before, it is a pure class move. He is not burning any bridges, and he seemingly has no grudges with the company.

He left on his terms, with no animosity and no release to leave a bad taste in his mouth.

Danielson notes that the letter helps give him some closure as well. It allows him to formally close the WWE chapter, saying goodbye to Daniel Bryan and WWE.

By doing so, it allows him to move forward and fully embrace his next chapter of his wrestling life, within AEW.

With so many new opponents in AEW for him, it is not hard to see why the American Dragon is excited.

NXT 2.0 Could Be Edgier

For all of the debating about the reboot, what if NXT 2.0 could be edgier than the “main roster” brands?

Turns out, NXT 2.0 could be edgier.

nxt 2.0 could be edgier

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If you tuned in for the second episode, you may have caught some of that edginess on display.

For me, it was when Bron Breakker used some more colorful language to challenge Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland to a tag match.

As it so happens, there is a reason behind that.

According to Fightful, Vince McMahon wants the product to be edgier.

What would that mean for the show? Expect more attitude and other changes, allowing the show to appeal to a younger crowd.

In hearing the promo from the most recent episode, it did, if only briefly, feel like we went back to the Attitude Era.

Maybe not quite that far…but shades of it.

Now, the report does get a little interesting. Where I think many saw NXT was the best pure wrestling show WWE offered…that wasn’t the data WWE was working with.

The impression was that NXT viewership was older and that the show did not appeal to the more desirable and younger demographics.

That explains the efforts to reboot the product and appeal to a different audience. It may not explain some of the talent being released, but that is a different challenge.

If the NXT 2.0 reboot leads to an edgier presentation, then things could indeed get interesting.

It will be an interesting effort, to be sure. The Attitude Era got toned down as WWE went public and also looked to appeal more to families and a broader group of fans.

If NXT 2.0 could be edgier and bring in ratings as good, or better than it’s prior version…then WWE and USA Network will be fine.

However, if the changes cause ratings to drop, or otherwise impact advertising revenue…that would be bad.

Time will tell.

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