Bryan Danielson Formerly Known As Daniel Bryan Joining AEW Changes Everything In The Wrestling World

AEW Bryan Danielson Wrestling World
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Bryan Danielson, formerly known as Daniel Bryan, joining AEW has changed absolutely everything in the wrestling world. After all, a legend of his status joining a rival promotion proves AEW is here to stay.

AEW’s Bryan Danielson Changes The Wrestling World

AEW Bryan Danielson Wrestling World

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When Daniel Bryan, now known as Bryan Danielson, joined AEW, the wrestling world was truly turned on its head. And while many predicted the move, it is clear that there is a shift in pro wrestling.

Danielson joining AEW is reminiscent of legends joining WCW back in the day. It was the moment when the promotion became a true contender to go against the WWE.

AEW has been doing amazing for quite some time. And it seems that this has not escaped big WWE talent either.

Bryan Danielson is just one of many wrestling legends to join the promotion. After all, the likes of Adam Cole, Big Show, Mark Henry, Aleister Black and many others also joined the promotion.

However, Danielson joining AEW sends a strong signal to the wrestling universe as a whole. It shows that WWE is no longer the only destination for wrestlers who want to hit the big time.

A wrestler such as Danielson investing in AEW is a big deal. In fact, he could have easily renewed his contract with WWE if he wished to do so.

Danielson has been one of the most popular wrestlers on the WWE roster. Unfortunately, it seems the company had limited interest in him once his return story came to an end. 

By moving to AEW, Danielson may get a decent chance to get some five star matches.

Kenny Omega Versus Bryan Danielson?

Kenny Omega

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If I had to pick a dream opponent for Bryan Danielson, it most certainly would have been Kenny Omega. And it seems that AEW picked up on the caliber of this potential matchup. 

When Danielson debuted on AEW, he immediately had Kenny Omega in his sights. And I am glad it is happening now. 

Omega and Danielson are no longer at the beginning of their wrestling career. And while they may go on for decades in the future, you can never predict what will happen.

Danielson versus Omega was one of the matches I had on my bucket list. And with the debut at All Out, it seems like that match will happen.

Omega is the perfect heel for Bryan Danielson to go against. Evidently, it seems AEW is banking on the connection Danielson has with the wrestling universe.

Bryan Danielson has always been a very popular and likeable wrestler. Pitting him against Kenny Omega is therefore the perfect move.

Omega has built his heel persona alongside The Bucks and The Good Brothers in recent months. Now, that heel persona will work very well against a guy like Bryan Danielson.

Of course, Omega is not the only possible opponent. More recently, CM Punk mentioned he would love Danielson as an opponent. 

Omega and Danielson though should provide a stellar match. While their paths have been different, I always associated Danielson with Omega due to their wrestling passion.

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