bray wyatt to aew gaining steam
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As things keep progressing, it looks more and more like Bray Wyatt to AEW is gaining steam. Plus, there is a belief that Tessa Blanchard may be untouchable…and that’s not a good thing.

Bray Wyatt To AEW Gaining Steam

As much as fans of WWE might not want to hear it…Bray Wyatt heading to AEW is gaining steam.

There has been a ton of talk about that, basically from the minute WWE inexplicably released the talented former Superstar.

While there have been comments regarding perhaps a clash with the boss, or maybe his character being too expensive…the release was still quite stunning.

bray wyatt to aew gaining steam

source: custom, cwrestlingfan twitter screenshot

To be blunt, there are some Superstars whom, if WWE released them today, would probably remain free agents for a while (I promise, no one is thinking of Eva Marie…).

Bray Wyatt was not one of those. So whether it’s AEW or Impact or somewhere else…once his 90 day non-compete expires, he will be working as soon as he wants to.

With that in mind, Ringside News has reported that Bray Wyatt to AEW is gaining steam. The report implied that, while nothing may have been offered or signed, the contract is likely just a formality at this point.

Should Wyatt head to AEW as soon as he can…and should AEW keep him in a similar mold…the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Wyatt’s non-compete runs out right around Halloween. Just ahead of AEW’s next big PPV.

Seriously, with timing like that, you begin to wonder if Nick and Tony Khan are related, and one is funneling talent to the other. That might be the most pro wrestling move ever…

Many have begun to hope that Wyatt would return and honor his late Wyatt Family friend, Brodie Lee, by taking up a leadership role in AEW’s Dark Order.

Whatever the former Bray Wyatt opts to do…we should know in just a couple months.

Tessa Blanchard May Be Untouchable

She might be the hottest free agent on the market…but we are hearing that Tessa Blanchard may be untouchable, and not in a good way.

According to a report by, decision makers in both WWE and AEW feel that Tessa Blanchard is, well, nuclear.

tessa blanchard untouchable

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So yes, Blanchard may be untouchable, and in a way she probably isn’t happy about.

To be fair, based on numerous stories that came out…her being untouchable is likely largely on her.

You may recall there were stories from wrestlers where she was called a bully. In one instance, she spit on a peer and uttered a racial slur.

While some might say there are two (really three) sides to every story, and Tessa Blanchard may not be all that bad…where there is smoke, there’s fire.

Blanchard quit Impact after being that company’s world champion. Not women’s world champion…but the actual world champion.

Clearly, in that regard, she is talented and capable in the ring.

However, if there is even some credence to her behavior back stage, it has rendered Tessa Blanchard untouchable.

Given that she’s been on the open market for a year, and thus far it seems only NWA has even expressed some slight interest…she may be untouchable.

Talented women are always needed, as WWE’s roster proved when they lost a number of stars to injuries, maternity leave and other issues. 

However, at no point did they express interest in a woman whom they did briefly have in NXT.