Braun Strowman To Impact While Bray Wyatt Heads To AEW?

Braun Strowman to Impact while Bray Wyatt to AEW?
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Impact Wrestling and AEW are the two promotions most likely to be joined by Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman. And there are certainly plenty of rumors to go around.

Braun Strowman to Impact Wrestling?

braun strowman impact

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Strowman was one of the biggest talents the WWE had in its arsenal. Back in 2017, he was pegged as the next Brock Lesnar.

Unfortunately, the WWE did not capitalize on the Monster Among Men. And in the end, it led to his release. 

By experiencing bad bookings, Braun Strowman’s momentum went from red hot to zero. And this makes it more difficult for him to find the right spot.

Impact Wrestling could be the answer to Strowman’s prayers. After all, it could give him the perfect platform to start building his character once more.

If managed correctly, Strowman could be one of the biggest talents out there. But could he be interested in pushing the envelope on a smaller promotion such as Impact Wrestling.

Of course, AEW is always an option for Strowman as well. But AEW does pose a big problem for the Monster Among Men.

When you look at the current roster, AEW is packed with a lot of former WWE superstars. So, reinventing himself on that particular brand may be more difficult than first thought.

But who knows? AEW could have something in mind for the Titan.

Could Strowman Return To WWE

Braun Strowman Impact

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The discussion about the different promotions could be cut short if Strowman returns to the WWE. Some time ago, rumors circulated that the WWE regretted letting the Monster Among Men go.

Strowman once said that if the WWE released him, he would stop wrestling forever.

“I’ve said it time and time again: the day I take my wrestling boots off for WWE is the day I stop wrestling. I will not wrestle for anyone else. I’ve been given an opportunity from Vince McMahon and from WWE at life that I would have never gotten [anywhere else]. I told him a long time ago, the day I take my boots off from you, I’m done. And I mean that.”

But looking at Braun’s recent social media messages, he has not given up on wrestling at all. If anything, he laid in some strong hints he is heading to Impact Wrestling.

WWE may have interest in Strowman again, but this does not mean that Strowman wants to go back. And with all the hints about Impact Wrestling on his social media, his path might be clearer than we all think.

As you know, Strowman had to change his wrestling name after leaving WWE. In fact, WWE still owns the name Braun Strowman at this point in time.

Instead of Braun Strowman, the wrestler now goes under the name Titan. But will we be seeing Titan in AEW or Impact Wrestling?

Or is Braun Strowman considering a return to the WWE he loved so much?

Bray Wyatt To AEW?

Bray Wyatt to AEW

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The rumors about Braun Strowman and Impact Wrestling are strong, but so are the rumors surrounding Bray Wyatt. However, Wyatt is currently pegged for a debut at AEW.

Interestingly, many people believe that Wyatt could take over as the leader of the Dark Order. Obviously, this contradicts Tony Khan’s statement that Brodie Lee’s son “Negative One” would remain the leader since his father’s death.

Creatively speaking, Bray Wyatt is the most interesting acquisition for various promotions. So, we have no doubt there will be a bit of a bidding war.

Wyatt can pretty much go anywhere at this point. And while he may not be the most spectacular wrestler where in-ring moves are concerned, he is certainly among the most creatively gifted.

Wyatt has invented himself on a very competitive main roster. Not only that, he reinvented himself into the Fiend once he hit a glass ceiling with the Wyatt family.

This is no easy feat to say the least. So, I do believe that AEW would be the perfect platform for this outstanding creative wrestler.

Of course, there is one potential problem with Wyatt heading to AEW. Just look at the number of former WWE wrestlers acquired by AEW in recent memory.

That being said, Wyatt is a top star and any promotion he goes to will benefit greatly. So, can All Elite really afford not to sign Wyatt to their roster?

Much like CM Punk, Wyatt would be a huge merch seller. And he has a huge following that will undoubtedly follow him to any promotion he goes to. 

The Problems Wyatt Faced?

Bray Wyatt AEW

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Bray Wyatt is a huge talent that could enrich AEW without a doubt. So, many people wondered where it all went wrong.

Well, it is not difficult to see where it went wrong for The Fiend. And unfortunately, it was not a problem of his own making.

Like most other talent, Wyatt had some underwhelming bookings over the years. And even potential interesting feuds had very little substance to them.

One of the feuds that comes to mind is the one with Seth Rollins. While both wrestlers are of a high caliber, there was little that hit the spot in terms of storytelling.

Another big problem Wyatt faced was his unbelievable loss against Goldberg. While we do not take anything away from Goldberg as a wrestler, losing to him killed any momentum Bray Wyatt had at the time. 

Despite all that, Wyatt was pushed as one of the main stars of the company. So, it was a huge surprise when Wyatt was released by WWE.

Once Wyatt was released, it was revealed the wrestler was let go due to budget cuts. Needless to say, it was not the smartest decision the company ever made.

Given his value as a wrestler, Wyatt had a huge salary while working for the company. But what WWE failed to consider was how much money he brought in the first place.

Maybe AEW can finally use Wyatt to his maximum potential? 

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