Brandi Rhodes Battles Post-Partum Depression, Sheamus Retiring?

Brandi Rhodes Post-Partum Depression
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In a brave moment, Brandi Rhodes is speaking about her struggles with post-partum depression. Also, Sheamus nearly retired in 2019 because of a concussion.

Brandi Rhodes Battles Post-Partum Depression

Brandi Rhodes has been extremely busy the past few years. She serves as the Chief Brand Officer for AEW, but the last year has been very rewarding.

In June, she gave birth to a baby girl named, Liberty Iris Runnels. She is the first child for Brandi and her husband, Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes revealed to US Magazine that she was dealing with post-partum depression.

“I tried to fight it or tell myself, ‘Hey, this isn’t real stuff happening, calm down,’ and recently, I finally just gave in and said, ‘You know what? I have postpartum depression for sure,” said Brandi. 

For starters, bravo for noticing there was a problem and being brave enough to speak up. She is not the only person struggling and her courage can help others.

As expected, Brandi has not been on AEW TV for awhile. Even her husband was recently written out of storylines.

Sheamus Retiring?

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In pro wrestling, a career can end suddenly. It has happened before and will continue as it is the nature of the business.

In 2019, Sheamus suffered a concussion. The injury was bad enough that he debated retirement.

“I had a really, really bad concussion and I had some other issues going on,” said Sheamus to “But, I went through the physical therapy and I got myself in great shape.” 

“I went to the dietitian Jerry Ward, so I could get fast and carry the ice out. I was determined to get myself in the best shape possible.” 

“Not just from a cardio perspective, but also physical and to also fix what’s going on with me. I worked really, really hard to get back in the ring.” 

“I’ve never felt better. I feel better than ten years ago when I debuted because I know a lot more about my body. I do a lot more dynamic stretching. Ask any of the guys in the locker room.” 

“I’m there, doing all these mad stretches and rolling around. All these dynamic movements and stuff. Just warming myself up.” 

“Since I’ve been back, no problems whatsoever. I literally feel better than I did when I debuted though, which is crazy.”

Sheamus’ Current WWE Status

At the time, Sheamus was just starting to end his tag team run. He has spent about three years working with Cesaro, which probably helped.

By having a reliable partner, Sheamus was able to perform with Cesaro taking most of the bumps. On about five occasions, they won tag team gold.

Now, Sheamus is back to singles competition. At WrestleMania 37, he won the United Staes Championship. 

Since then, he has dropped the belt to Damion Priest at SummerSlam. Lately, he was been working with Drew McIntyre.