AEW Rampage Gets Rotating Commentary Team Going Forward

AEW Rampage Gets Rotating Commentary Team
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The AEW Rampage commentary team will undergo some changes. According to Ricky Starks, the commentary booth will be rotating from this moments forward.

Ricky Starks On AEW Rampage Commentary Team

AEW Rampage Commentary Team

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Ricky Starks had some important news to share on a podcast this week. In fact, the wrestler claimed that AEW Rampage will have a rotating commentary team going forward.

“I am definitely proud of AEW, the work I have done in AEW and the work that I continue to do. I think so much they appreciate me that they made me a permanent commentator for Rampage, replacing Mark (Henry).”

On the podcast, Starks actually claimed he would be Mark Henry’s permanent replacement. However, we can now say that this is not the case.

If sources are accurate, then commentators on Rampage will be rotating from now on. Of course, this also means that Starks could make another appearance on commentary.

AEW has not made an official announcement for the current change. When Rampage hit the air, commentary consisted of Chris Jericho, Taz and Excalibur.

There have been a number of stars to appear on commentary since the launch of the new brand. One of the most notable recent additions was CM Punk.

Based on recent weeks, many assume that Mark Henry will remain on as a backstage interviewer. This is also a position Henry has held since the launch of the new brand.

Starks had the following to say about AEW.

Starks Looks At The Future

All Elite Momentum

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Starks also spoke about AEW’s momentum recently. With his statement, he pretty much encompassed the opinion of fans who had given up on WWE wrestling.

“Well, everyone says AEW is the alternative but I really think it’s the first choice now. AEW is great in the fact that, one, I think WWE has such a fan base that they can insult the audience and kind of get away with it. If you watched a TV show, let’s say last Lost. I feel like Lost insulted my intelligence halfway through, and I kind of fell out of love with it. AEW’s the opposite of that. You stay attached, and you’re rewarded for watching so so long.”

“Even for people who haven’t followed wrestling, there’s people on the show that you can connect to because they’re authentic personalities. And I think watching it, there’s something for everybody. And so, having new viewers like Miesha or someone who’s falling back into wrestling, AEW provides that sweet spot where watch it, you’ll have fun. You won’t feel stupid for watching it, you’ll be rewarded.”

Ricky Starks also explained he is excited for the future of AEW. He believes the brand has turned a corner.

“This is where we turn the corner. Everything is so cyclical in wrestling or in pop culture that I think we’re really turning that corner into the next phase where things really start to start pop off here in the next few months, if I had to predict.”

So, nothing but good in our future if Starks is to be believed! We can’t wait.

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